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    I started reading The Return Man by V.M. Zito on Zombie Hunters a while back. I
    have not come across another zombie story being told from this prospective. The
    main character, Dr. Henry Marco, has lost his whole life due to the outbreak.

    His wife is missing and he presumes her to now be among the walking dead. He
    started looking for her to put her to rest permanently. While doing that he came

    to the conclusion that others would like that for their lost loved ones. For a
    fee he searches for them and when found he puts them down then sends word to
    their loved ones that they are now truly and at long last at rest. He has a
    partner in the now safe area east of the Mississippi that handles the business
    end of this process. The west being a zombie no man's land. Only Henry and a few

    other less than savory folks that still breath along with the millions of folks
    that don't breath inhabit the west.

    The close calls he has while doing this are exciting enough but when he's tasked

    with finding a doctor he once worked with that was working on a cure the pucker
    factor ramps up, way up. Might have something to do with the good doctor working

    in a prison with hundreds of now zombiefied prisoners. Henry is surprised to
    find the doctor is still alive and not an infected. Well not too infected. ;-)

    The book came out April 1st and is also available for Kindle on Amazon.

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