The Revolution: A Manifesto (Book)

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    We’ve just finished watching yet another boring presidential debate in which, with the exception of the contributions by Ron Paul, no major issues were debated. Instead, John McCain and Mitt Romney were permitted to spend the bulk of the time arguing about the supposedly major differences that separate them, when in fact they actually agree on everything.

    And that’s what our larger debate in American society is like, too: we never get to discuss fundamentals, only minutiae. Should we have troops in 129 countries or 130? Income tax or national sales tax? This restriction on freedom or that one?

    Ron Paul is about to blow the lid off the whole political establishment, the whole crooked game of which McCain, Romney, Clinton, and Obama, for all their supposed differences, are all an intimate part.

    Ron Paul has written The Revolution: A Manifesto, to be released by Grand Central Publishing. It covers everything establishment politicians lie about or ignore: war, sound money, terrorism, the economy, the IRS, civil liberties – you name it. It’s written to be understood by ordinary people – and to wake them up.

    It is the most extraordinary book ever written by a public figure in America. And Ron Paul, as we well know, isn’t just any public figure. He is the great truth-teller of our time, and the greatest champion of freedom the U.S. Congress has ever seen. Ron Paul is throwing down the gauntlet, defining the issues that he and his movement – which are not going away – intend to hammer home from now until the end of time.

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    Read the Preface here
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    Re: The Revolution: A Manifesto

    I just pre-ordered five copies of this, one for me and the other four will be donated to our local library branches.
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