The Revolution is Going to a Brokered Convention

Discussion in 'Politics' started by melbo, Feb 8, 2008.

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    The Revolution is Going to a Brokered Convention - McCain Can’t Win Enough Delegates


    For anyone calling for a 3rd party run, hold your horses.

    Republican Delegates (1,191 needed to win nomination)
    Candidate Delegates
    Mike Huckabee 190
    John McCain 613
    Ron Paul 14
    Mitt Romney 269
    Total 1,086
    1,191 - 613 = 578 delegates short

    McCain is NOT going to pick up 578 delegates any time soon.
    Super Tuesday was his best shot at winning the nomination, and he didn’t even come close.

    How is McCain going to afford to keep his campaign functioning? He has no more money, and has no conservative base support.

    So what states are left that are rich in delegates?…
    Feb. 12: 116 Republican delegates, including 63 in Virginia and 37 in Maryland.
    March 4: 256 Republican, including 137 in Texas and 85 in Ohio.
    May 6: 96 Republican, including 69 in North Carolina.
    Let’s do the math….
    McCain has 613 delegates + states I think he will win
    Maryland 37
    Ohio 85
    613 + 37 + 85 = 735
    Let’s say McCain takes Texas and Virginia…
    735 + 137 + 63 = 935

    McCain is still 256 delegates short, and this delegate count is assuming these states are winner take all, but some are not. Even if McCain picks up North Carolina, he will still be 187 votes.

    We are going to a brokered convention.
    There is no possible way for John McCain to pick up the 1,191 necessary delegates to secure the GOP nomination.

    Ron Paul will speak to the nation in St. Paul, MN.
    He will have a national platform to introduce himself to America.
    The old media cannot rig his speech. Ron Paul will use this national stage to launch the revolution into the stratosphere and take back the Republican Party.
    The revolution has won a MAJOR victory.

    adam kukoleck

    Found at GIM
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    While I hang on to a little fading glimmer of hope.... The old media doesn't have to "rig" it.... they won't even show it. The level of media manipulation, and the depths they sink too, has astonished me.
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    ...or they show it and simply edit it 'for time constraints' of coarse and make sure it comes out TOTALY off from anything said.

    I honestly doubt it would matter if 100% of the people voted for Paul in both the primary and the general election. The more I see of the numbers being reported the more convinced I am of Stalins truth that those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything, and the people no longer count the votes.
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    I will tell you that Paul shot himself in the foot here in Ks. We had our first caucus since 1988 today. McCain showed up yesterday and talked. Huckabee showed up yesterday and today and talked. Paul had his son show up yesterday to talk about voting for his dad. Now they did say that Ron Paul had somthing to take care of back in D.C. but, to me that just doesn't sit well.
    I mean come on.!! Ks hasn't had a caucus in 20 years!! The turn out was amazing. McCain found it necessary to come here, Huckabee found it necessary to come here but Paul thought his son was enough????
    After watching Fred Thompson one night I realized that I couldn't vote for him because to me his whole attitude was " Well,, I'm here, if ya want vote for me, if not, then I'll go back to my TV career. I thought Thompson's attitude was very lacidazical given the post he was trying to run for. Same way with Paul sending his son when the other canidates thought this was important enough to come here themselves.
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