The Right Way to Tie Your Shoes

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Ganado, Nov 12, 2015.

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    I learned that about a year ago...and yes, I'd been doing it wrong for more than 50 years.
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    I don't use that knot at all.
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    Who says..... There is no "Right Way". It is all just a Personal Preference... And I, for one, do it differently... And I like the way I do it, BETTER.... MY WAY... YMMV....
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    And then there is the army way of threading boot laces Ian's Shoelace Site - Straight Easy Lacing.....woe betide (pardon the pun)Woe betide - Idioms by The Free Dictionary the poor soldier being chewed out by a company sergeant major for having the temerity to show some individuality in boot lacing and tying. For many years I and many others had to endure the tyranny of parallel lacing (because it looked neater, was more pleasing to the anal retentive eye of non commissioned officers, and because it was supposedly easier to cut with a knife in a medical emergency.


    All that changed when some damned critical thinker worked out, that the parallel lacing method was the cause of a shortened service life for boots (through damaged eyelets,) and wear and tear on boot laces (due to continual tightening friction and stress on specific parts of the laces), that the army in its infinite wisdom, and concern for the demands upon the public purse, changed the approved method of tying boot laces and the justifications for warranting the revised approved method: (longer service life of boots and laces and ankles got more support than the older method, and the ease of removing boots quickly by cutting laces magically became unimportant.


    To continue parallel boot lacing was now military heresy and heretics were persecuted by the very same sergeants major who persecuted the heretics of earlier military lacing orthodoxy. It probably explains why I now wear elastic sided boots....boot lacing conjures up the ghosts of sergeants major past, watching my every boot lacing endeavour to pounce upon any sign of military boot lacing heresy.

    I am astounded at the great variety of boot and shoe lacing methods to be found at....Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction I must recommend that site to my colleagues at Dull Men's Club — Where we "Celebrate the Ordinary" Fieggen's site is just the kind of site that will be certain to moderately excite interest in a subject that members of the club can obsess about; and offer the kind of nominal controversy that would appeal to dull men.:eek:
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    Even though I got to the point of being considered senior enlisted, once I retired I rejected forever much of what was rammed down my throat by the higher ups for 22 years. and .... I smile every day because of it.
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    So, Granny knot or Square knot..... The controversy continues! [LMAO]
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    wow and I just thought it was funny [sinking][chicken][fnny]
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    I like Velcro![​IMG] it never comes undone and it outlasts the shoe!
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    The videoclip was amusing...the art of military lacing and bootlace knot tying...less so when done in pitch black darkness, and when in a stupor after being awakened for sentry picquet.
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    Everyone here has a pair of brand new Jungle boots, snow boots (even though we don't normally get snow) and Ducks (waterproof Hiking boots). Clothing will be relatively easy to find Post Alpacalips, but good shoes may be a problem.
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    IMO soon tying shoes will be a lost art form. People do not have time to tie anymore. Just another part of our lazy society. Now most work boots come with zippers in them.
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    I'm wearing them. This pair I still lace, as the zipper has one bad tooth. (Nice to have a backup plan)
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  16. chelloveck

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    Neither....definitely a thief knot! You want to know whether or knot, one's boots have been interfered with whilst one has been deep asleep. :cautious:
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    I use something like a quick release surgeons knot. No need to double knot to keep it from coming undone and still quick release.
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    eekk! how would you ever untie it?
  21. chelloveck

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    am not sure what Hanzo means by a quick release...possibly by pushing in the opposite direction than it would to tighten it. Not having used the knot for bootlace tying...that is as much a mystery to me as it is evidently to you.
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