The rise of the Glock...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Redneck Rebel, Feb 10, 2012.

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    When I was working airport checkpoint security in the late 80's, I had to enlist the aid of our onsite city cop and his Glock to prove to the other security folks that a GLOCK could NOT go through the X-ray unseen, or the metal detector unheard, due to the 'plastic' frame. They didn't realise it still had a steel slide and other parts. And those 17 lead bullets are VERY obvious in the X-ray!
    Of course, I then proceeded to show them how a savvy guy could stroll through the metal detector packing an all steel .38 snubby. THAT shocked them.
    But if you know what to look for, it becomes obvious.
    Basically, it all boils down to good training and being observamt!
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    Why do we continue to refer to them as mainstream? I bet less than 50% actually swallow the big 5's nonsense, lies and shilling for the borg anymore.
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    Melbo, I think we refer to them as the MainStream cuz the Majority of the world's population is Sheeple. An the Sheeple believe these "Mainsteam" media networks. Sumhow my mama raised me to not be so trusting. Seeing is believing. An I see those MSM are full of horse manure. Bet last Presidential election, when they was cheerleading for Obama, they was having chapstick delivered to their studios by the cases. =X
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    Lets face it it your going to own a Glock you should have it outfitted with the HoMeBoy sight system


    Edit to add: you all do realize there is no such thing as a HoMeBoy sight right?????
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    Yo, bro, homie can glue 'em on, yeddy?
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    And don't forget Birdman's 300-round magazine system too! Doubles as a monopod to enhance accuracy from the standing position. ;)
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