The Road We've Traveled

Discussion in 'Politics' started by STANGF150, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Frankly though, I wouldn't have had his job on a platter at the time he inherited the position. This country has been spiraling out of control for a very long time, through many administrations. All of our woes cannot be laid at Obama's doorstep. It's about like blaming the guy in charge of the lifeboat as the Titanic slips beneath the waves. You can maybe call him an idiot for taking responsibility for a sinking ship, but our past presidents and congresses have been steering us into icebergs for a very long time.
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    So Sayeth G Dubya....Icebergs? Icebergs?...Icebergs?

    Icebergs? Icebergs?...Icebergs? I don't see no Icebergs Big government?...Big government?....Big govenment? I don't see no big government. Enron? Enron? Enron? nothing wrong with Enron....just a few rotten apples.

    WMDS! WMDS! WMDS! My, MY, MY, OH MY GOD!!!! MY intelligence (a glaring oxymoron I know) Tells Me that Saddam has WMDS!!!!! I SEE IT ALL CLEARLY! We must invade Iraq, round up all the WMDS! and put that joker, Saddam in the slammer!!!... so sayeth G. Dubya and friends who have an interest in H..........

    tulianr is right....there have been many congresses, and many administrations that have collectively and consecutively contributed to the economic woes of the USA. Each one adding to the poisoned chalice of the next.
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    Government wil take and take and take. We have become fat and lazy and never kept an eye on them. We, as a people, allowed this to happen. The old timers warned us this would happen. Now what do we do?
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    My gosh yall expect me to watch a vidio of obumaxx..........
    Please show some respect for us here in Alabama........
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    Larry, it NOT quite whut you think LoL
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    I still aint watching. LOL
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    Don't make me git the duct tape, a chair, Teletubbies DVD, headphones & Justin Bieber cd!!!
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    Vote them all out!
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    The only way we will be able (Im not going to say change because I feel we have reached a point of no retun with the current goverment system) to fix and rebuild our Country, our goverment and our way of life reclaiming our freedom's. Is once the bottom comes out is rebuild it from the ground up and when it comes to forming our goverment remimber only a working man who has had to do a days work on the farm, in the timber line, down in the didtch or in the mines are the only one who knows what the working people need and want. They know the value of money and the way to judge need over want. Keep it small with common people judge a man by his word and actions not his Harvard degree. Let them know they will answer to the people for what they do. But inorder to rebuild from ground up the old structure has to fall.
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    Captain Bigears may not have steered the Ship Of State into the first berg..... maybe not the first few bergs.....

    But the dumbarse did steer it into the BIGGEST iceberg of all, and now he's heading for a new floe......

    We'll all be swimming soon. I blame the entire US Government, back several administrations. ALL were complicit. But laying the blame doesn't fix the problem NOW. I don't know if it can be fixed at this point. Maybe a full stop and reset is in order....?
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  12. Pyrrhus

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    He's not the only one at fault but, to switch metaphors, he's the idiot who tried to put out the fire by pouring gasoline on it. And that's true only if you believe he was trying to put out the fire. The alternative is that he's worse than that.
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