The s*** has truly hit the fan, what do you carry.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by E.L., Jan 20, 2006.

  1. meyah

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    Pagosa Springs, CO. Since you are such an expert dart flinger, why bother with .30? I could take an elk a year with 22lr. NO animal can keep even WALKING, constantly,much less running. they can't feed themselver or drink, they'd burn more calories than they could take in, and die in a few days. Just because you are clueless about survival poaching doesn't mean that everyone is. A 223 to the head will drop an elk or a grizzly bear like a rock. In the snow, you follow a wounded elk easily. Aim at the neck, if all you have is a 223. Most dogs easily follow a blood trail. Sport hunting has NOTHING to do with survival foraging.
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    I guess we will have to agree to disagree, I wont be a nomad packing everything on my back 24-7
    If i have to go that route then thing change up.
    I have more than one person in my family who will be packing too.
    I have spots here. and a network of people SHTF.
    Im not clueless to survival hunting or fishing for that matter and i do trap as well.
  3. E.L.

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    I have plenty of .30 cal for you Quig if the SHTF and you have to bug out. You and your family are welcome, but "Mr. Opinion" won't be.
  4. E.L.

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    I can see why you will have to live in a hole if TSHTF. Because with your attitude you definitely will not have any friends to CYA. [raspberry]
  5. monkeyman

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    Actualy thats only a mild incumberance for me, yeah it would slow me down a bit and be a little tireing for the first few days but being fairly solid and weighing in around 300 lbs 70 pounds of gear is totaly doable.

    Wrong again, as long as you have a bit of vegitation to suplement your diet and avoid things like scurvey you can survive well on ALMOST exclusively meat, been there done that for weeks at a time with no ill effects.
  6. ghrit

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    b:: Correct, oh large one. The Eskimoes and Inuit have proven that over a few lifetimes where veggies are not available. :)
  7. E.L.

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    70 lbs. That's not sh*t! Try carrying a squirming one year old, a diaper bag, four shopping bags, a 1911, two extra mags, a couple of water bottles, etc. etc. for a full day at the get the drift. Oh, and this isn't all tucked nicely away in a pack on your back.
  8. ghostrider

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    Actually, you can carry 75 pounds a whole lot farther than you think, you just need some Tylenol for the first day or two to help those aching shoulders and feet. After a couple of days they will just be numb.
  9. evilgijoe88

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    i would be carrying my ak and a walther p22. since those are what i have the most range time with. and those are also what i have the most ammo for on hand
  10. duanet

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    Being 69 years old with glasses and probably having to travel through woods at night in order to keep a low profile and stay off of the totally jammed roads leading out of Boston, I would carrying a Remington 12 gauge with buckshot and slugs. Most of the time even in daylight in the woods you are lucky to see 100 feet clearly. I like my Saiga .308 for longer range, basically a .308 AK, and would have that as first choice if traveling in a vechicle or on roads. Have had a .357 Colt revolver for 25 years and would probably cary it and .38s for it. I have a 9 mm with large capacity mag, but the old Colt and the old 30-06 bolt action are awful hard to beat for aimed fire, and they are such old friends. In New England there isn't any hope of hunting for food for at least a few years. Not even cows or horses or pigs that are loose from farms. With the "leash" law, you don't even see dogs. I see turkies, deer, bear and moose around my place, but they number in the 10's to 100's, and would be gone in a few days.
  11. DesertDawg

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    In a major "SHTF", which is long-term and vast in size, the "basics" might be the best. I'm talking bolt-action .22 rifle and .22 revolver! Both use the same ammo, don't need much in the way of maintenance, and you can carry a "bazillion" rounds of ammo without too much trouble. If they need some lubrication, just collect the oily/greasy substance from your own body pores!

    .22's are more "stealthy", at least in sound decibels.
    Use a "silencer"? A discarded plastic soda bottle can be "jury-rigged" to lessen the sound a bit. There is NO noise from semi-auto bolts in bolt-action rifles and revolvers, so that's obviously a "stealthy" benefit.

    Need food? You can do WITHOUT that elk or deer! A few bunny wabbits will suffice....maybe even with left-overs! On the other hand, with a .22 rifle that is "intrinsically" accurate (Now, why did I mention that?), follow-up shots on larger animals might be easily made....successfully. Since you have a "bazillion" rounds of .22 ammo, go ahead and try to drop that elk or deer with several well-placed .22 rounds! Chances are that IF you drop a large animal for food, the majority of the meat will spoil before you get a chance to eat it all (no freezer?).

    Quail and pheasant? Oh, sure! Just blast them to Smithereens with your .308, or even .223 rifles! Heck, make them "vaporize" with a 12-gauge slug! One .22 round might equal one quail for the frying pan, and the diminutive lead bullet will EASILY be removed from it....if it didn't go all the way through!

    "Combat" weapons! At one time, there were MORE fatalities caused by the .22 than ANY other caliber! That may have been surpassed by the 9mm round, but probably not by much! .22 caliber firearms are NOT toys!

    Want more? Well, an "agressive-looking" rifle, such as the AR-15 or AK-47, might cause undue attention. They're looked upon as being "assault-type" rifles. Think of your own perception of a bolt-action .22 rifle....sort of a "plinker"? Well, with the very first rifle that I was given, when I was 6 years old, it put MANY meals on the table, and has dispatched about half a dozen rattlesnakes! It's now 55 years old, but like the commercial...."It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'"! Never had to use it on 2-legged varmints, but.....!

    For a successful "bug-out", I truly believe that a good .22 bolt-action rifle and .22 revolver might be the best combo to have. Of course, a person also needs to know "field crafts", such as hunting and concealment. If you, armed with an AR-15 and, say, 20 loaded 30-round magazines, get close enough to me to become a threat, your 600 rounds of ammo will run out before my "bazillion" rounds of .22LR ammo are gone! The first few rounds of .22 that hit you might only cause minor wounds....but that might be enough to persuade you to withdraw!

    Lastly, the .22 revolver that I have is NOT a "six-shooter"! It's a S&W model 17 that loads 10 rounds! "AH! He's fired 6 rounds and needs to reload! Time to rush his position!" OOPS! "Did he fire 6 shots, or 10? Do ya feel lucky, punk?"
  12. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Got A hand me down bolt marlin m'self, been looking longingly towards a .22 maggy stainless bolt at Gander mtn.. never really thought about the mag too much; but do a search and more than a few gunstore commandos seem to think the additionl horsepower will take anything in their local woodsy spot. I gotta' chuckle at the folks( chunderheads) on some of the boards who are obviously 15 year oldswith years of experience in rogue stealth unit 2.0... They wanna carry "their" (imaginary) m4 with 20,000(!) rounds, lyman reloading tongs/dies and componentsfor another 10K(!).. and a "sniper rifle"( also imaginary) and don't forget you Need your "guhillie" suit( misspelling and all).

    . 22is lethal but notalways immediately so. So fatally wounded adversaries may have enough blood pressure left to close with you and beat you to death with your own buttstock. But otherwise I think you are on to something with the rimfire.Shunning engagement as much as possible, which IMHO should be the whole philosophy in "surviving " not COMBAT/OR CLEANING UP ALL THE MZB GANGS...

    I'm almost 50 also; so I pray to the big Guy my bug in plan will last more than a few weeks, as I CANNOT carry the mk4no1 and 600 rounds AND the 12 ga and the .22pLUS food/shelter; 'least not on foot.
  13. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Got that Age thing right; sucks to thinkeveryone predicts some version of tshtf
    will take place in the next two decades when wer're in our 60's,70's and eighties , instead of when we were boots fresh outta basic at 18 and sleeping on the ground /climbing mountains, andslaying dragons was alot more fun...[touchdown]
  14. ghrit

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    I've slain the dragon, well and truly, and I'm also of a certain age. Next step is location, location, location for bugging in rather than the heretofore bugging out plans. Poke around a bit and find my ravings on travelling light and stealthy. Unless there is a group large enough to take a stand, that's the only answer. (AR and 1911 with a few rounds still walks with me. Single Six for the occasions a bunny will do for the pot.)
  15. E.L.

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    .22's are great for small game no doubt. Not for self defense though, they just piss people off who might, just might, bleed out long after they have killed you.
  16. andy

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    well for me things would be a bit different and this is just for situational reasons i'd be stuck with what ever i'd be issued prob a 727 with as many mags as i can hual. gotta love uncle sam...
  17. poacher

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    I think that there is no one perfect SHTF rifle. You have to look at if you are bugging in or out, your location, and all that good stuff. A 22 is hard to beat but a good 308 makes holes in souls. About the only gun I would shy away from is the shotgun. Great for close encounters of the worst kind with buck but other than that alot of noise and alot of weight. The only way you get any real range with it is with slugs and well lets not go there. Anyway to each their own.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  18. Ommega

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    Right on brother!
    Also try to stock up on a few bricks of SSS rounds.
    Used in a 29" barreled CZ they produce almost no sound.
    The case is that of a 22 short, and the long 60gr bullet will penitrate
    about 18" of balistic gel out to 200 yards.
    Great aruracy, silent, good penetration makes for a good hunt.
    950 fps Sniper Sub Sonic.
    Half our guys are being killed by IED's; what they are not saying is that we are loseing the others from sniper fire.
    Bang not boom!
    Your Bud,[ditto]
  19. Ricochet

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    My M4A3 and my Glock 19 9mm.

    Why ?
    Because .223 and 9mm rounds will be easy to get if (and thats a big if) I ever run out.
  20. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Methinks you will run out. Carry water instead of a few rounds. In my MT head, hauling out will be more of a situation requiring speed than serious firepower. But what do I know? We haven't seen it yet.
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