The s*** has truly hit the fan, what do you carry.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by E.L., Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Nomad 2nd

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    Ok, you say I'm bugging out, not patrolling...

    So what is the situation:
    I'm single, and bugging out to a location where I have food, ammo, weapons, gear, and friends.
    (Shipping container stored at a buddies house in the woods)

    I am bugging out with what I have on me NOW!

    So it's a Glock 26 and ether a Kimber Warrior or a Glock 19

    Since you say I get a rifle also it's a AK47 (WASR) with a Sidefolding stock, Ultimak rail, Eotech on throw levers, and a 135 lume Pentagon tac light.
    (Stays with me and had over 15K rounds through it in 2007)

    Stowed with a 20 rounder in the magweld, in a Tennis racket case.

    So you See me with a Maxpidition bag, and a tennis racket case.
    (7 AK mags, Miox flter, smoke grenades, first aid kit, and a few other things.)

    Or a Kifaru Marauder, with a Tennis racket case attached, and hopefully it'll be winter time so you won't see my body armor and chest rig.

    I also have 3rd gen NVG's.

    And yes, I carry this with me when I travel.
    (Also Advantage arms .22 conversion for the Glock and a Marvel .22 conversion for the 1911...)
  2. hartage

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    I have fit everything I need in the back of he rav4. 7mm rem 1inch grouping at 100 yards. 250 rounds of ammo. 12ga shottie 500 rounds #7 100 rounds brenneke hardcast slugs. Colt 1911 500 rounds. Yugo sks 1000 rounds. Ruger 10/22 2500 rounds. 1 4 man tent, backup 2 person tent, 1 person backpacking tent. All needed camping gear. Backpack that is my on-foot bob. Camping gear also includes snares and fishing gear for longer term food issues.

    I can take everything with me with the rav4 if I have the luxury to. If need be I can quickly ditch that and pare down to backpack sks and 1911 and go on foot.

    Everything is already prepackd in the garage in bins and can be loaded quickly.
  3. monkeyman

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    I figure would not be likely to do the 1 short and 1 long each even on foot. I figure most likely me and Mrs would each have our own 9mm and one would have the .380 the other the .22 pistol (primary and BUG sidearms) and more than likely she would have her SKS and I would have my AK and would most likely attach my 10/22 to her pack and my .270 to mine IF long guns were a viable option. If not then would likely see about stuffing the AK inside a pack and maybe take apart the 10/22 to do the same.

    I figure the handguns would all go just because we dont have all that many of them and they dont take a ton of weight or space but allows for BUGs as well as more cal options, also I figure that in anything other than a total Road Warrior type senario handguns will still be the primary defensive weapon for anyone other than guards/military. If you are carrying at the ready you appear as more of a threat and to be on the offensive and so are more likely to find trouble. If its tied to the pack then the handguns can still be concealed and readily accessed. My rifle choices are based largely on what we have but figure the AS and SKS would work well in a situation where knew were likely to run into trouble or for defending a position and can swap ammo as well as use them for large game. The 10/22 would be a deffinate since you can carry SO much .22 ammo for the weight of just a couple hundred center fire rifle rounds, it can be used for most game geting and could also (IMO) be used quite effectively in a battle situation for cover fire. Not many even if they consider a .22 worthless for defense, would stand up and let you shoot at them with one (and if they do then a few .22s in the face,chest and neck will put them down for good) so a 10/22 with a few 50 round mags could keep their heads down while you advanced or retreated and the price to buy the ammo ahead of time and weight to carry it would be low enouph to make it far more viable for that use than any center fire rifle. The .270 would go if possible for any chances that might come up to get large game at longer range or in case of a need of a counter sniper weapon or if being hunted by MZBs a means to reach out and touch someone.

    If HAD to just pick one rifle each though then I would probable carry the 10/22 and let her carry her SKS since its the main rifle she can hit with (otherwise would have her carry the AK) and we would still have the handguns.
  4. brotherpoop

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    My AR-15 since the scenerio used was shtf "TRULY" hit the fan. Guess I'd have a good piece of glass with too, (not the one showing) probably my Schmidt and Bender 8x with 56mm objective and heavy cross hairs for the occasional need.
  5. E.L.

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    I can see where this scenario means different things to different people. I am not looking at it as a complete bug out, but more along the lines of having to drive or walk to town to get supplies. I live about two miles from the nearest grocery store, if I wasn't able to drive a vehicle, or a 4-wheeler, then I am probably only carrying a sidearm, or two. I would need hands free to carry supplies. I could see where you could be prevented from entering a grocery store with a visible weapon. I am approaching this mental exercise with the thought in mind that some type of disaster has happened, and my excursions from home will be pretty much limited to gathering supplies.
    I think that is where you would be more likely to run into trouble.
  6. Tango3

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    5,000rounds?(police and troops stopping cars/boats and just merrily walking
    into houses)
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    no other comment
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    Monkeyman, you might want to consider the 7mm rem mag vs the 270 in long range (sniping) duty. The 7mm RM has more energy than the famed .375 H&H at 400 yards and beyond. Despite having only 2/3's the engergy of the .375 h&h at the muzzle. 7mm is near the top or at the top in flight efficiency so the further out you go the better it performs vs most other calibers in sniper duty. It has the impact of the big rounds (.338 lapua, .375 h&h) at long ranges but it's recoil is compared favorably to the .30-06 Of course it has a trajectory that is even flatter than the .270 It is considered a common round carried by most places that sell ammo like the .270 Might be worth looking into if what you want is a round that can perform well 1000+ yards and still have enough penetration to do it's job well. Along with being a common relativelly cheap round.
  8. monkeyman

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    I was baseing it on what I already have. I have a .270 that, when I do my part, can group around .5 MOA and dont have any opprotunity in this area to EVER shoot out much past 400-500 yards and even haveing that much range visible. So I dont figure it would really be worth the change for me.

    If we are just talking heading out a few miles to town or something then most likely it would just be our daily carry weapons with a spare mag or if things were REAL bad and HAD to run to town then might add the AK or the pump 20 guage. The load out mentioned above was thiking more of a senario where it was an on foot BO heading 100 miles or better.

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  10. E.L.

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    Exactly, that is why I was thinking that anything you have needs to be concealed. They don't have the time nor the manpower to search everyone unless they bring you into a camp.
  11. hartage

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    Yup 5k rounds. My plan is to go to a very remote area inside CA. Nearest hwy is 60 miles as the crow flies at the end of one road. My situation "moving around" isn't just going to the store and back. It literaly would be moving to a location over 700 miles away for an extended amount of time. A secondary location 900 miles away serves the same purpose. I plan on leaving on the early stages of shtf before roads are blocked and before utter chaos (road blocks/checks) is fully realized. Being around 8-9 million people (southern cal area) in a semi-arid region is a bad idea when shtf.
  12. hartage

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    Will be concealed the best I can inside an suv. If I cary much less ammo than that living for an extended period in a remote wilderness area would be less possible.
  13. Tango3

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    Don't take it personally, I'm not pickin on ya; I see you have put alot of thought into your plans. Just don't expect to keep any of it at a blackwater or state police "checkpoint/chokepoint etc...Do I have any better ideas? sadly no...[boozingbuddies]
  14. Tango3

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    ? how so? How many rounds a day can you expect to expend? How many fire fights can you expect to survive?. I see Les stroud survives admirably in remote wilderness without a single round.([troll])
  15. Seacowboys

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    Is that the same Les Stroud that goes hungry for five days unless he catches a bug or a worm? That guy breaks me up. I watched him trying for five hours to catch a fish with a beer-can pop-ring hook on a little crooked stick. He never catches the rabbit. I kinda feel sorry for the guy but he does seem to be a decent harmonica player, at least on that one little blues riff he knows. You'd think he could figure out how much better a straight stick would work with his underwear propelled fish spear. I think I've watched all his shows more than once and I don't recall ever seeing him actually finding anything for food unless a bear dropped it or someone showed him where it was growing.
  16. hartage

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    Les Stroud is not quite the survivalist to me than he would like to appear. Notice one reality in all his shows ? He does not generate enough calories to stay alive. He even admits most of his "projects" are just to keep his mind busy. All he really does is stay out of trouble for 7 days and find water. His scenarios include rescue in 7 days or finding his way to civilization in 7 days. Not living out in the wilderness like the old time mountain men did.

    Number of bullets. There is a reason for my madness. First, firefights. The number of ammo you can go through in a firefight is amazing, hundreds. I'm not talking about being a one man rambo either. I'm talking about with the primary interest of breaking contact. Ammo is expended to keep heads down and baddies stationary as you attempt to retreat. With baddies in pursuit and no "rescue" coming expending ammo is perhaps the only way to escape. Effectively "buying" your distance from them with ammo. The first minuite alone of contact you may expend dozens of rounds. In breaking contact you may expend dozens more. Well into hundreds if they are determined and pursue. In vietnam I believe a patrol loadout was a dozen magazines x 30 each mag. That is also multiplied by each person in the group. Even then often they ran low or even out.

    Realisticly even at 5k count of ammo I would be limited to about 12 firefights. To last a year that is once a month. 5k is bare minimum in ammo count. 5k means I only go in non-confrontational evasion mode and only expend ammo when absolutely needed.
  17. Tango3

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    in Vietnam and every other MILITARY operation they have logistics systems to deliver and restock those free thousands of rounds.
    Les stroud ,Ray Mears,Turd eater gryyls; the individual is not important. you know what I meant by that comment. IMHO "Surviving" is not getting into running gun battles.
    Oh 5K rounds is a bare minimum in a "remote area?"?and that being non confrontational? Homeless folks live on the mean streets (not a "remote" area)with maybe one mag of 9mmin theshopping cart.we disagree strongly but its your stuff don't know why i'm getting worked up about it.I'm not playing this ridiculous game any longer. I like cheese.
  18. hartage

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    I dunno either why you are getting worked up either. If I choose to prepare for possible running gun battles and never happens wonderful. Isn't that what we are all doing ? Trying to prepare for something we all hope never happens ? So what if I decide to buy then carry 10 magazines vs just one in the gun ??? All that happens is I get more ammo taken away from me. I would much rather have it and not need it than...... well you know the rest.

    Your not having an issue with over preperation are you ? Lol, I hear that all the time from all the non survivalists.
  19. Tango3

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    ?Hey Dawg you're a rimfire "afficianado".did joo know the marlin 39 breaks down with one knurled thumb screw? I didn't:[​IMG]
  20. ozarkgoatman

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    I would commite on this but why. LOL [beer]

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