The SAS Survival Handbook -- John Wiseman

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    I know it is not really considered gear but found this book in a charity shop recently and it cost less than a dollar, think it was a great find. I firmly believe knowledge is the best peice of gear to carry with you as once learned it weights nothing. This book The SAS Survival Handbook -- John Wiseman |

    It covers many topics from what you should always carry like the essentials to strategy. Also explaning climate & terrain, hunting, food, what to avoid, shelter making, traveling, health, survival at sea, rescue and so forth.

    Bascially most of what you need to survive and how to make it from natural elements.
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    It's quite a good basic reference book, but a bit bulky to haul around the boondocks. They make nice gifts to youngsters for seed planting.
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    I use mine alot since I bought it. Yes it is bulkly but worth what you paid for it and more.
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    I just ordered a copy off Amazon. Thanks guys for taking the time to post about this. I always feel better about ordering something like this if it's recommended. Thanks!
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    image. Here is mine next to the Galaxy S5 Active and my key
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