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    I use the pocket chainsaw by Ultimate Survival Technologies, and it comes with a very well made carrier made out of nylon Cordura and it is reinforced. I can also fit my Blastmatch inside the case with it. This setup fits well on my belt line. I have field tested it, and this saw really does cut through trees rather easily. The rugged Cordura handles offer decent support, but continued long term use can result in some painful blisters if you do not wear gloves.

    I also have a "Pocket Chainsaw", and although it is not as well made as the UST I described above, it can be fitted with some hand toggles (to be made in the field), in order to make it easier to manage. The tin it comes in is decent, but I have already salvaged it to hold my snares instead, and simply wrapped a rubber band around the saw for easy storage in a small pouch.

    The Gerber folding saw is a very good tool for light duty use, particularly when you want to cut down small branches or trim a few logs. Most folding saws such as this are decent additions to any kit. They can also be used to cut through bone in preparing game.

    The last type of saw I have recently acquired, is the Browning folding bow saw. It is made of a rugged plastic material with an aluminum body, and comes with 2 types of blades: one for cutting wood, and another for bone. It folds up and stores in one simple straight piece, and it measures 19" in length x 1 1/2" folded. This saw can cut very easily, and it is an excellent addition to the pack since it is light and rugged. I paid $20 at a local sports shop for it, and I am having trouble locating it online.
    DSCF1489.JPG DSCF1488.JPG

    The Cold Steel "Trail Boss" is a terrific axe for most needs. It comes semi-sharp, but will need more sharpening. I made a video on this linked below. It weighs 2.7 lbs, with an American Hickory handle, drop forged 1055 carbon steel, 23" overall, and a 6 1/2" hawk.

    YouTube - brokor1's Channel

    I try to steer away from using the "wire" type of pocket saws, due to the fact that they have all failed in my own field tests and have broken. I suppose in a dire situation, they may come in useful for short term, light use since they are very light weight and easy to store in a pocket kit.

    No matter your choice of field expedient cutting tools, you should go with something you personally favor based on quality of materials, weight, and applicability depending on your environment.
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    Pretty cool. I have a gerber folding saw, a host of hatchets and tomahawks, and an older model wyoming saw. If I knew I had to do a ton of cutting, the wyoming saw rules.

    Still looking for a hunting or "boy's" axe.
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    Nice review. Thanks
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    My hunting buddy has the Gerber Folding Saw - it makes short work of trimming small branches around our tree stands! I have a cheaper model marketed under the Remington label, but haven't fleid tested it yet.
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    The UTI looks like a very nice saw. I've often thought about using regular saw chain and making one. That appears to be what that is, only a double skip tooth. I have some 'skip tooth' chain. I'll have to make one up.
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    thanks for the reviews...i am looking for another pocket folding say mine seems to have grown legs and walked away.
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