The Sheep are Waking up !!!

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    WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KMOX) - A chain of three stores that sells survival food and gear reports a jump in sales to people who are getting prepared for the “possible collapse” of society.
    “We had to order fifty cases of the meals ready to eat to keep up with the demand in the past three months,” said manager Steve Dorsey at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters Inc. in Webster Groves. “That’s not normal. Usually we sell 20 to 30 cases in a whole year.”

    Dorsey says business has been brisk since the spring uprisings in the middle east, as customers share concerns about political uprisings, the world economy and the future of the United States.
    “I’ve had people in here that are very wealthy and they’ve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family,” Dorsey said, “And something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge.”
    Dorsey says some customers talk of stocking up on freeze-dried meals for the home, while others confide they are stashing supplies at a remote location away from the city where they would go in an emergency.
    img_2991. Steve Dorsey looks over survival supplies at Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters

    “There are people that have property and they’ve set up different things they’re building to protect themselves like towers they can stand up and watch,” Dorsey said, “There’s a lot of people I’m dealing with who buy all kinds of stuff because they have like twenty or thirty people going in on this together and they’re all going to go to this one spot if something like this happens.”
    Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Webster does not sell guns, but Dorsey also reports many customers who do not own a gun are asking where they could go to buy one.
    “I think people are scared. They don’t know where this country is going. They think we’re on a downward spiral with just dramatic,crazy spending. People just don’t know what’s going to happen,” Dorsey said.
    Outside Uncle Sam’s, it appears civilization is intact. A red, white and blue Pepsi truck pulls up to supply beverages for a nearby grocery store. Motorists are having their cars washed at the General Grant car wash across the street. And the brass pendulums are swinging back and forth in the clocks on the wall at Helen’s Clock Repair. rest of article at Survival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For “Possible Collapse” « CBS St. Louis
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    Yup, there's a sign of the tide it good, or bad we have to play the wait and see game now....This could be a sign that TS is about to HTF!
    Message has been dutifully passed on to many others! Thanks for the info!
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    I live in a very remote small town, that is mostly Mormon's and I can tell you that this is true with every since of the word. Going up the mountain next week to get more goodies . Ymmmmmmm
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    I would defenately keep oneself informed on current events. If Italy goes in the tank the rest of Eroupe may follow.
    In a very real sense the US is already in the tank as we loose freedoms everyday.
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    It looks like most of the stuff they are grabbing is camping stuff. Around here (Michigan) if shummer hit in the winter, the sheeple are dead.

    If you see what they are grabbing at wally world, meijers, dunhams etc. It's not the sleeping bags, extra blankets, cooking fuel, and such.

    Not going to go very far with survival kit in a water proof container, 3 candles and some water proof matches.

    No tooth brushes, soap, towels, aspirin, pasta, bean nor rice.

    Hell, their vehicles are not even up to snuff. Bald tires, bad wipers.

    Granted not all of our vehicles are 100 percent except the 4wd get the whole family into it. and the Pickup Truck with the Get Out Of Dodge front and rear bumpers.
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    My anti gun and very very liberal son in law has come a long long way. They both are carrying, taking martial arts training, and storing a bit in BOBs. Here he is shooting some steel targets at a range in southern California--
  7. Alpha Dog

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    Ive noticed the same at wal-mart they are buying off the wall stuff and not asking anyone or researching. I think they have watched a couple survivor man and now are selftrained expert's. I seen a lady and guy the other day buy a camp stove for if storms knock out the power and the guy said what about the gas and the woman said we can come out and get it if we need it.
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  8. beast

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    ive been reading survival forums and boards for several years even tho ive been living the life much much longer
    over the past 2 -3 years the numbers of people joining has been on a very rapid increase
    part of why i joined is to share what i know where it may be needed becuz of this new awareness i see
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    Is he shooting through a drum? Never saw that on a range...... must be a California thing.
    I am not seeing much out of the ordinary, except a lot more places sell generators now - the little Chinese models.
    Our local gun&pawn has a 5KW Diesel genny for $999.99. I don't have the bucks just now though. But it likely isn't the preferred low-RPM type anyways.
    I get odd looks when I buy ten or twenty pound bags of rice and beans. Got into a discussion on rice cooking with a cashier once. Before long, there's about six of us customers all discussing our favorite recioes - THAT was weird......
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    Hey even if they are buying the wrong things right now at least they are thinking about it. Hopefully they will learn more.
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  11. -06

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    I must have a reputation locally as almost strangers call me for advice on storing, arms, and other preps. Often at church, civic, and other functions folks ask what they need and how to prep it. Glad to see the interest in preparing for the coming times. Have adopted a much lower public profile as there are still those who keep their "heads in the sand" and may become a problem later on.
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    The good part is at least "they" are making the effort to survive...albeit in a wrong venue...It's better than doing nothing at all! I'd like to see someone somewhere,make a "realistic""LIST" ( uh oh there's that dang word again!) that some peole that are just starting out could follow and understand...It can be frustrating especially with all the "JUNK" out there just vying for people's money...It's really a sham, uh..I mean shame!
    As a"matter of fact" I recently had a lady from Florida suddenly awaken and now she wants me to send her a "list" as it were...I'm so far into the game I honestly do not know here to begin! I'd have to throw mysellf into reverse and try to start all over from square one...suggestions?
  13. Seacowboys

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    That is a typical USPSA style stage. Steel gets one hit and paper targets get two in zones and are scored. Then the total time between the buzzer and the last shot fired is divided into the hits for your final score. It was a simple stage but fairly typical.
  14. Seawolf1090

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    Ah! Obviously I am NOT a competitive shooter. Never been exposed to that kind of shooting. Thanks for the explanation! ;)
  15. chelloveck

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    It seems to be a reasonable way to score

    It seems to be a reasonable way to score by rewarding accuracy and speed in hitting targets.

    High accuracy and high speed = high score

    High accuracy and low speed, or low accuracy and high speed = mediocre score

    Low accuracy and low speed = no or low score.
  16. Seawolf1090

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    I once considered myself a fair dinkum pistol shooter. Til this incident.
    At the range, a few LCSO guys were there practicing their drills -these were NOT deputies, just the guys manning the comm center, and other 'support functions'. They shot far better than the Deputies..... they practiced.
    They were shooting at the torso target with badguy partially hidden by the 'victim' - object being to draw fast, acquire the target, and blow the badguy away. An informal game, if you will.
    I tried it. Holstered my Ruger Security Six. Drew..... aimed quickly...... fired, all six.

    Four were in the poor victim, NONE pegged the goblin! Well, maybe if it penetrated her and hit him behind......

    I was rather embarrassed. :oops:
  17. scrapman21009

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    Friend of mine is local PD, he took me along with him to do some night shooting, three cars with headlights aimed into target area and I did ok, until they turned the strobes on!! dang thing kept moving around every time I tried to shoot it!!
    guess I need a little more pratice under adverse conditions
  18. Falcon15

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    Adverse condition training is essential. I hated doing mine. Freezing cold. Rain. Dark. One hand tied to my belt (simulated wound). Clear a jam, reload, and fire, with one wet, cold hand in dark and rainy conditions. That was without the pain of a real wounded arm, just the inconvenience of only having one hand to use.

    I would say all monkeys, and their family need to engage in adverse condition weapon training with all their weapons. It will be essential. YMMV.
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  19. Sapper John

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    Falcon has hit the nail on the head,you need to be prepared to do more than a little "Sunday afternoon at the range" shooting.
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