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    ...kind of feel bad for them...for a couple of seconds anyway. MASS die-off if something remotely bad happens.....

    Buyers' remorse for emergency supply purchases - Boulder Daily Camera

    This says it all:

    Buyers' remorse for emergency supply purchases

    By Christina Rexrode Associated Press
    Posted: 08/29/2011 10:57:00 PM MDT

    NEW YORK -- People along the East Coast gave thanks when the storm passed by Sunday and inflicted relatively little harm. But by Monday morning, they were complaining. Some were annoyed that they'd braved long lines to buy batteries and canned goods that they didn't end up needing. Others were in stores demanding refunds on the extra flashlights, tarps and even junk food they'd snapped up. Many were planning to host post-hurricane parties to get rid of all the extra food they bought, or were preparing to sell their unwanted stuff on eBay.
    Hurricane Irene, which barreled through the Carolinas and the Eastern Seaboard, has exposed the new thriftiness Americans have adopted during the economic downturn. In previous years, people might have just stuffed the extra emergency supplies into their cupboards. But stagnant wages, high unemployment and a volatile stock market have turned spenders into penny pinchers. And many people are having buyer's remorse.
    David McDuff stood in the returns line at a Home Depot in Falls Church, Va., on Monday, waiting to get his money back for the $500 gas-powered generator he'd bought in case he lost power over the weekend.
    In years past, McDuff said, he might have been tempted to keep the generator. But now? "I just feel like I don't need it," said McDuff, 55, a contractor. "I'll buy it again if the need arises."
    So far, Hurricane Irene gave an unexpected windfall to home-improvement chains and grocers and a blow to department and clothing stores. Stores aren't eager to give back those sales, but they also don't want to alienate their shoppers by being difficult to deal with.
    At a Home Depot in Brooklyn on Monday, a handwritten sign warned there would be "NO Returns" on sump pumps, opened batteries or flashlights. Both Home Depot and rival Lowe's say on their websites that customers can return most items within 90 days of purchase. But Karen Cobb, a spokeswoman for Lowe's, said the store hadn't seen a rash of returns Monday.
    "There are people who still don't have power," Cobb said, "and we also know that hurricane season is not over yet, and customers in the Northeast know full and well that there are snowstorms coming."
    Emergency-preparedness professionals agree that people should hold onto their supplies for future need. "At the next storm, rather than trying to beat the crush of people running out to get those things, you can sit back and be safe and comfortable with your family, knowing you already have those things on hand," said Heather Paul, a spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance.
    But some people just don't see the need in keeping things they don't plan to use right away.
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  2. beast

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    instant gratification syndrome
    all sheeple have it
    if it doesnt fit the "here n now"
    it aint worth havin
  3. Seawolf1090

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    We see that down here in Tallahassee, Florida. Idiots only prep for the coming storm, never for those that will follow - if at all. WalMart is a zoo an hour before the storm hits - soccermoms literally fighting with college kids for the last pack of batteries or bottle of water.
    Once the storm is past, they sell everything for half or less than they paid for it! Rank idiots.
  4. tacmotusn

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    Idiots one and all! Screw em' Survival of the fittest. When they can't find anywhere at all to get it next time and they suffer for it, so sad too bad, yadda yadda yadda. [beat]
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  5. STANGF150

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    Having to BUY supplies right before an emergency??? Not Keeping your Emergency Supplies after Emergency has passed??? *confused* [dunno]
  6. Yoldering

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    So what are they going to do when the next hurricane blows in? or worse??? I can't believe how shortsighted people can be...well, yeah I can.
  7. Sapper John

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    "Denial"'s not just a river in Africa.
  8. oth47

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    I haven't had buyer's remorse over any of my preps.And don't expect to.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Yep, I still have prep items I bought before Y2K, which still serve in the face of emergencies.
    I believe the Sheeple have what I term the "TV Mentality". Everything in their lives is a movie or TV episode, each a single unrelated event. They see ONE current bad situation immediately looming, they wait til the 11th hour to 'prep' inefficiently, usually in the wrong way.
    Once that event is over..... ah, next 'program'! They see no further use for those preps, and dispose of them.
    Works great for WallyWorld, Lowes, Homer Depot, et al. They know what to stock up on, and shear the Sheeple as they herd through.

    Next month, same thing, or maybe a year later......

    They have no concept of 'saving for the future'.

    WE on the other hand, se 'prepping' as a way of life, because bad stuff come at us again and again..... we are ready for it.
  10. Alpha Dog

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    They will learn one day when it's to late, We will see them running in packs begging and stealing. No safe haven here for them to ride out the storm. I meen look at how people reacted during Katriena I can see people looting for food to save the family, but when I saw homey running across the street, water waste high and he had a tv on his sholders and a 40oz in the other hand. I relized that the zombies provided humor in stressful times. I also relized that I could possibly support the act of sterlization in some humans to level out the gene pool of the human race. More and more stupid people appear year after year.
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  11. ozarkgoatman

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    I have suffered from buyers remorse as well. It happens when I see a good price on something and buy 5 then latter say $#!+ I should have bought 10 maybe 20. [beat] :oops:

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  12. Seawolf1090

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    When I think back to those Katrina Zombies carting off big-screen TV's, I imagine them huddled in the dark of some gutted building, no power, sitting around that dead TV expecting to watch something......... BWAHAHAHA....!!!!

  13. -06

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    When I was a kid looters got shot---just saying. When arnachy sets in all rules of civility go "out the window". No judges, no law enforcers just raw power will be the ruler.
  14. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    That would be the Government's fault. See before Welfare, HUD, & all the other free handout programs using our tax dollars to help the greedy, Darwinism was in Full Effect. See back then if you was lazy or stupid, odds are you either starved or sumhow died. Then Uncle Sugar stepped up volunteering to help those poor individuals get enough to eat with less effort. Thus the FIRST welfare Generation was born. An each welfare generation has wanted more & more & felt more & more entitled to receive it.

    Before all this happened the stronger, tougher, harder working & smarter survived. But then Uncle Sugar circumvented Darwinism in the name of political power, as the lazy & stupid were much more easily swayed to vote them into office with just the mere promise of keeping or increasing the gravy train.

    Since a smart person doesn't have more kids than they can afford, an a Stupid person knows the more kids they pop out the more Uncle Sugar will give them...........

    Thus there are more Stupid People every year than there are the year before.
  15. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I know in my area the stupid run wild Im going to petition the state to open a hunting season on them along with a year around inmate season. It would help with the welfare budget and the over crowded prison system.
  16. BTPost

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    So.... that is why all those Idiots, show up on Jay Leno's "Jaywalking"......
  17. bls5

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    most people know the gov is gonna be there to take care of them. They just have no concept of the gov not being there with all its handouts. Boy are they in for a surprise. Even if we manage to avoid a full scale crash The gov will have to cut its spending by about 50% just to break even. That would mean some Major changes in everbodies lifestyle I think
  18. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    its canning season, how much have you put away?...
    this year im sorry to say i didnt put up much
    no garden = no produce
    one way or another i will have greenhouses soon
    so this dont happen again
    just cant trust the weather anymore
  19. CATO

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    It's that dag-gonned Global Warmin'.
  20. Seawolf1090

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    And that is why when TSHTF in a truly serious way, and Big Gov simply stops the Welfare and Foodstamps, and the stores are empty with NOTHING more coming......

    About a month later we will see a "Mass Extinction Event" of biblical proportions as these leeches all crash and starve. They have lost the survival instincts and skills to get their own food, except by simply taking from someone else. That will get a lot of them shot down. Disease will run rampant. Thus more go down.
    By the time they realsie the FEMA buses aren't coming and that the FedGov is NOT going to hand out free food to them anymore, it'll be too late for them.

    We preppers just need to make sure we don't get caught out by the Grasshopper hoard as it plays out the last of it's life cycle in violence and death.
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