The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)

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    The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)
    maybe some of you know a young person or adult that needs to hear this
    This is the youth message Paul Washer preached in 2002 at a conference. The audience was in shock then and many audiences continue to be shocked by it today.

    YouTube - ‪The Shocking Youth...
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    I have only two words

    Elmer Gantry
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    could well be , as an ex Baptist ,they do have a flair for the theatrics.I had forgotten about all the end of the sermon melodrama. He does make some good points and if nothing else I could feel the blood pressure rising on some elders and pree-chers
    I do miss the chicken dinners and Shoney's after church though.:rolleyes:
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    I can't help it, but this guy is just freaky. You can give a message without acting like you're going to burst into flames at any moment.
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    he's pretty articulated for sure.The Father uses many types of personality's and many types of people to deliver his messages.I could never get up on stage in front of that many people and talk unless the Holy Spirit was doing all the work.I'm just praying he gives me a second language for now.well 3 hebrew and spanish[yack]

    What about his message though ?
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