The Slow Burn

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by melbo, May 13, 2007.

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    True but after [shtf], those same skill sets will allow you to barter your services, for things you need, that they have. :cool: As you said Kell, always set a price before starting!!

    Until that happens, consider it training to get better at those skills.....
  2. ozarkgoatman

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    We are pretty self-reliant and if things stay some what stable then we will have everything paid off 5-21-15 but 10 acres and the house. I believe things will continue on a slow burn. At some point it has to collapse( IMHO) and I think we are seeing signs of that ie Detroit. But who knows they could just keep the fire on low with all the accounting tricks they pull. I know every day they keep the system going our farm gets a bit better set up and we in less debt.
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  3. Cruisin Sloth

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    I'm feeling the same way . I just need more time to get the duck house finished & then onto the next Barn. Right now were in seed starting & prepping the green houses .
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  4. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    Our duck house needs about 2 more days worth of work to be completed. :) I'm going to be cutting logs over the summer to build a log cabin chicken coop.
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