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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, May 18, 2010.

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    I would describe my friend Chip, as the most intelligent man that I know. He is a West Point Graduate and a P.E. but I don't hold that against him; he's still pretty damned smart. He introduced me to a fellow graduate of West Point, and described Dan as being the most intelligent man he had ever known. Both Chip and Dan are true patriots, though somewhat reluctant to offer unsolicited opinion. Dan is a bit more outspoken and offers a web-blog that I think many here would find interesting and informative.
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    I like his attitude and thoughts about the BS happening in this country.
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    Read the first couple not bad! : Theonly snag for discussion
    I hit was:
    "3. Muslim Nutcases. The muslims know that their guy in the White House is deliberately weakening the defenses of the United States to make way for Sharia law. The number of attacks and attempted attacks against the United States will only increase. And one of these times they will get lucky. I would look for a rail or port attack as the Obama administration has cut the budgets defending both of these areas.
    Okay I'm as far from a bosom buddy of bozo as I can get; but just for a superficial off the cuff discussion: If oh-bonzo was so good for the "towelies"and sharia law was a"shoo-in".
    Then it stands to reason the last thing they should do is blow something else up.They should sit back and welcome the building of "mega-mosques"( sounds like a new discovery channel show) in each major city to supplant federal court buildings. ???? After all these are dedicated, crafty mofo's...
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    I resemble that remark....

    Good to see ya back!
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    Yo;' mo'!!
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