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    When I was a kid, most people from the South were democrats....but, not the liberal pinkos that we know them as now. I guess they were what is known as Dixiecrats (maybe people refer to them now as "Blue-dogs").

    Dixiecrat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Given all the people I know, 90%** of them like NASCAR...and none of them would vote for the Kenyan. So, it is a little surprising that the DNC would choose NASCAR in their event lineup. Maybe someone with some sense pulled the plug for fear that there would only be 12 or 13 people show

    Democrats Cancel Speedway Event at Charlotte Convention - Bloomberg

    ** I'm a Formula1 guy myself but appreciate the bootleggers who spawned the "sport."
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    People tend to forget that it was the southern Democrats that founded the KKK
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    Nobody forgot.....history has been re-written to ensure that was the Republican's fault and that the Democrats fought against the KKK single handedly.
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    That whole "blue dog" or 'conservative' democrat scam is ridiculous. I don't care what your personal feelings are, if you elect a democrat from your district that puts Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid in charge. And if you were such a dam conservative what would you be doing in that party anyway? That's as stupid as black democrats. What have they ever done but lie to you?
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    [quote="Idahoser, post: 221665, member: 169"That's as stupid as black democrats. [/quote]

    Is that an Oxymoron? in some strange way?
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    it should be.
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