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The Spiritual heartbeat of the United Nations?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Kingfish, May 25, 2015.

  1. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    Lucis Trust - The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations

    Lucis - Home

    Lucis Trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey & World Goodwill

    I brought this thread up for two reasons. One to expose this and two for help in debunking it if it can be debunked. I spent several months back in 2008 researching this group and was unable to find any untruths in these links. The only one was that it was never called The Lucifer Trust but was called Lucifer publishing company. I attempted to contact the United Nations to see if they really sit in during meetings and was never answered. So here is a good one for you experts. Are they really the spiritual heartbeat of the United Nations or just a book publishing company that pushes new age Philosophy ?

    Aquarian Age Community Home Page

    This page is sponsored by the U.N.
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  2. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    Most likely NOT affiliated with the United Nations. I would opine to say definitely not.

    Now, as for general disarmament among the civilian populations? Yeah, that's all in their charter and statues resembling a gun with a twisted barrel. But, many worldly people believe that violence is wrong, it's just their fundamental belief that guns are the root problem which is unacceptable -especially when it's perfectly fine in their minds to have trained armies making the people obey at gunpoint.

    We don't need to hold beliefs in demons and evil specters to unveil the true purpose of greedy, misguided elitists.
  3. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja Jedi Bipolar WINNING M.L.F.

    Rare...but you are wrong.

    United Nations
    57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference—Millennium Development Goals: Civil Society Takes Action
    A Room of Quiet—The United Nations Meditation Room
    Astrological Chart of the United Nations
    Building a Culture of Peace and the Evolution of Consciousness—June 2004 Seminar
    Creative Meditation and Thoughtform Building As a Planetary Service
    Dag Hammarskjöld Dedication of UN Meditation Room
    Dimensions of War and Peace and the Work of the United Nations—An Esoteric, Spiritual Perspective
    Eternal Plan of Love and Light and The Work of the UN—May 2000 Roundtable
    Freedom from Fear, The UN and the World Wide Esoteric Community
    Freedom From Fear; Transcripts of Monthly Meditation Meeting Talks
    Freedom from Fear and UN Peacekeeping Operations
    Freedom from Fear—Personally, Nationally, Internationally and Globally
    Freedom from Fear, the UN and the World Wide Esoteric Community
    Freedom From Want; Transcripts of Meditation Meeting Talks
    Freedom from Want and the Principle of Sharing
    Freedom from Want: Financing and the United Nations
    Freedom from Want and the Spiritual Workers of the World
    Freedom in the Age of Aquarius
    Freedom of Expression and the Evolution of Culture
    Freedom of Speech; Transcripts of Meditation Meeting Talks
    Freedom of Speech and Expression, Human Rights and Right Human Relations
    Freedom of Worship; Transcripts of Meditation Meeting Talks
    Freedom of Worship and the Interfaith Experience
    The Great Invocation
    The Great Invocation in the six languages of the UN
    General Assembly Hall—still photo
    General Assembly—spherical panoramic photo
    General Assembly Building—still photo
    General Assembly Building—spherical panoramic photo
    Globalization and the Four Freedoms
    Implementing the Four Freedoms on a Planetary Scale
    How Can Global Consciousness Respond to the Cry of the Least Developed Countries?
    How Can the Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Help the United Nations and Humanity Achieve Better Standards of Life in Larger Freedom?
    Issues Addressing Multiple Freedoms; Transcripts, Meditation Meeting Talks—Spiritual UN Discussion
    Las Meditaciones de los Festivales Solares en las Naciones Unidas
    Meditações Dos Festivais Solares Nas Nações Unidas
    Meditation and the Four Freedoms
    Meditation and the United Nations
    Meditation at the Time of the Monthly Solar Festivals
    Meditation Room
    Millennium Development Goals: Civil Society Takes Action—57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference
    Monthly UN Meditation: Meetings: Invitational Letter (Archive)
    Monthly UN Meditation: Meetings: Invitational Letter (Current)
    Monthly UN Meditation Meetings in Support of the Work of the UN—schedule
    Monthly UN Meditation Meetings—Creative Meditation; A Planetary Service in Support of the Work of the UN
    Monthly Meditation Meetings—Descriptive Purpose
    New World Order and the Work of the UN
    On-line Discussion on the Spiritual Work of the UN
    Origin of the United Nations
    Our Globalization Plateau
    Planetary Initiation and the Work of the United Nations
    Prayer to God of the Free
    Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations
    Preparation for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher—2000 Roundtable
    Preparation for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher—2001 Roundtable
    Schedule of Monthly Meditation Meetings in support of the UN
    Spherical (360 degrees) Photographs of the UN
    Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations
    Spiritual Impulse Behind the United Nations
    Spiritual UN Discussion Area—Four Freedoms Discussion
    Spiritual UN Discussion Comments—Four Freedoms Discussion
    Spiritual UN Discussion Board
    Spiritual United Nations—Summary Reports of Public Meetings
    Spiritual Work of UN; Building Planetary Consciousness; Symposium, October 1999
    Spiritual Work of the UN & Liberation of Humanity—Current Discussion
    Spiritual Work of the UN & Liberation of Humanity—Discussion Area
    Spiritual Work of the UN & Liberation of Humanity; Roundtable, September 1998
    Spiritual Work of UN & Spiritual Welfare of the Planet—Symposium, April 1999
    Spiritual Work of the UN and the Liberation of Humanity—Descriptive Purpose
    Spiritual Work of United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity—Four Freedoms
    Spirituality at the United Nations
    Sustainability, Ecovillages and the Spiritual Work of the United Nations
    UN Meditation Meetings
    UN Wins Nobel Peace Price; 2001
    United Nations
    United Nations—An Aquarian Organization
    The United Nations and the Destiny of Humanity
    United Nations Conference Against Racism and the Plan of Love and Light
    United Nations and Four Freedoms—Home Page
    United Nations Meditation Room
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Liberation of the Human Spirit
    Using Meditation to Support the Work of the UN—Feb 2004 Seminar
    Using Meditation to Support the Work of the UN—Feb 2004 Seminar Agenda
    What Is the Meaning of the Term, Spiritual?
    Work of the UN and the World-Wide Esoteric Community—2001 Roundtable
    World Spiritual Teacher, the Esoteric Community and the UN
  4. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    LOL! @Mindgrinder Exactly which link provides the access to Lucifer's inner sanctum?
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  5. DarkLight

    DarkLight I self identify as a Blackhawk Attack Helicopter! Site Supporter

    I only went to the first 5 links and...um...wow. Who knew the UN had an astrological chart!?!?
  6. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    If the UN, not being a natural person has an astrological chart, then Jesus the Christ probably has several...his date and place of birth is seemingly as moveable a feast as Pesach http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrology-articles/jesus-christ.php

    When Was Jesus Born? | Birth of Jesus Christ

    This thread is well located in the tinfoil hat lounge. It is quite likely that the UN has a meditation room...so what? For those who are a little leery of spending some time in silent contemplation in the meditation room located in the UN Headquarters building, they can easily mosey across the street to the Church Center for the United Nations, and spend some time on bended knees there. http://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/what-we-do/global/ccund

    I suspect that it's the same link that provides the access to Lucifer's inner rectum. ;)
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  7. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja Jedi Bipolar WINNING M.L.F.

    How much do you know aboot Bailey?
    The "usual suspects" appear involved with "the trust".
    Bill Gates and the Lucis Trust - Christian Voice UK

    We also find a glowing reference to the Gates Foundation on the Lucis Trust website, on Page 3 of a 2010 report on a conference about money, which the Lucis Trust like (a lot):

    ‘Today there is a small but influential minority of responsible and wealthy citizens and organizations who are taking action and showing great leadership in alleviating the current sufferings. The ones we may have heard about are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford Foundation, Andrew Carnegie Endowment, as well as many others. These philanthropic efforts are certainly making constructive and positive impacts as well as setting a necessary example to other wealthy billionaires on how money can be channeled towards constructive means to help rebuild a better civilization, restore the divine circulatory flow and heal and uplift people from the scourge of poverty, war and disease.’

    Bill Gates, George Soros and the Lucis Trust World Service Fund are all said to have financed the United Religions Initiative, an interfaith movement with UN links founded in 1995 by Episcopalian Bishop William Spring. Going further, we only repeat an internet rumour that Bill Gates has given money to the Lucis Trust itself in the hope that someone out there will provide evidence one way or the other.

    Apart from Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie are key players developing the doctrine of one-world government throughout the world, and spreading the immorality of abortion and sodomy mainly in Africa and Asia. Warren Buffet’s donation of $1.52 billion to the Gates Foundation earlier this year made Gates the world’s biggest donating foundation, outstripping both Ford and Rockefeller. Warren Buffett is in favour of higher taxes and big government and he is pro-abortion, just like Bill and Melinda Gates.

    Warren Buffet said of eugenics and abortion giant Planned Parenthood: “If by some magic we could make every child born in this country a wanted child, we would have incredibly fewer problems in all areas of society. The closest thing we have to that magic is Planned Parenthood.” William H Gates Sr, Bill Gates’ father, was head of Planned Parenthood.

    A brief and revealing summing-up of the 2010 Lucis conference is here. It was addressed by Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, who was the Bangladeshi ambassador to the United Nations before taking up a post there as UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries. He is a UN insider. The other speaker was one Barbara L. Valocore.


    My best guess is the Jesus was born on or aboot Sept 11 - 3BC.

    I'm not saying everything posted is accurate but there are certainly more than tendrills to prick my spidey sense when talking aboot the UN, Lucis Trust, the one-world religion etc.

    Jimmy Saville provided kids to UN dips.
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  8. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    @Mindgrinder I hate to disagree here, but I still see no credible proof about what you are alluding to.

    It's shoddy reporting like this which gives credible alternative media a bad name.
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  9. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Jimmy Savile may have procured and pandered for many well connected people of varying walks of life, professions, and positions of power and authority, (both secular and religious). However It doesn't do sling muck at the UN as an organisation by committing the "Guilt By Association" fallacy in doing so. Association fallacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jimmy Savile also enlarged the Coffers of Mowbray Publishing, (Mowbray Publishing ) with sales from Jimmy Savile's authored book..."God'll Fix It!".


    God'll Fix it: Jimmy Savile: 9780264664576: Amazon.com: Books

    If one was to follow your example of committing the "guilt by association fallacy", we could cite Jimmy Savile's mistaken theological take on salvation by good works and blame it all on theism. CatholicHerald.co.uk » When Jimmy Savile died, I reproached his obituarists for their cover-up of his faith. Now I have to ask: what was he thinking of during daily Mass?

    Evidently god's inability to "Fix It" makes him as good a target for criticism as the UN when it comes to associations with Jimmy Savile's predelictions. :rolleyes:

    Edit: N.B. I don't believe god is to blame...I merely use as a reductio ad absurdum example of guilt by association. (I don't consider god at fault for Savile's misdeeds...given that I have little reason to believe that such an entity (god) actually exists.)
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  10. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    So is the Lucis Trust the Spiritual heartbeat of the United Nations or not? Do they push New age paganism or not? That was my question. The website I posted says they do. I was not able to find any evidence that they were wrong. I see a lot of reference to the merging of all religion under the great Buddist leadership.
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  11. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    What has the birth date/place have to do with the UN--or is it just another chance to try to discredit Jesus? Why do you do that?
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  12. BTPost

    BTPost Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    Exactly WHY, does the exact BirthDate of "the Christ" matter to Christians...... Does a Persons Personal Faith, Require that knowledge...... Why can't the FACTs of his Birth, be confirmed, individually, to each Inquiring Human, by the Witness of the Holy Spirit..... Inquiring Minds want to know.......
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  13. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    I don't think it hurts to know dates. Knowing dates doesn't affect your faith DOES IT?
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  14. madmax

    madmax Far right. Bipolar. Veteran. Don't push me.

    What's with the haircut?

    I'm a Christian.
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  15. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    I can't find anything, brother. I would say there's no evidence to support any such claim. I am not defending the UN at all, I just don't think it's any way related to some nefarious luciferian doctrine.

    And @chelloveck can get on a roll (and out of hand) on the religion subject. I suggest not going down that road.
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  16. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja Jedi Bipolar WINNING M.L.F.

    Accuracy matters....
    It's offensive to wish someone "Happy Birthday" on a day that isn't their birthday.
    It certainly mattered to ME when I turned to Christ....
    It mattered because many "Holier than thou" preachers proclaim "truth" but barely know their own God.
    You can find out a lot aboot a person by asking them a question they don't know the answer to and observing if they lie or bs or come straight out and say "i don't know".
    Most preachers when asked "When was Jesus really born?" will say something like you did..."it doesn't matter..."
    It matters to ME...and i'm sorry YOU don't know.
  17. BTPost

    BTPost Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    @Mindgrinder You are "Assuming Facts, not in evidence" when you "Assume" that I do NOT know when "The Christ" was born..... I have stated, No such thing, here , or anywhere else. Now, if you should "Demand" that I state what My Knowledge is, and how I aquired that Knowledge, I will tell you to "Mind Your Own Faith, and Business" because My Knowledge is for "Me" and given to "Me" for MY Use, and understanding, and I chose, to Whom, and When, I will impart My Personal Knowledge, on Faith related issues. I do NOT "Cast My Religious Pearls" just Anytime, and to just AnyOne, as they are Precious, and Sacred, to Me....
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  18. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Wow BTPOST that was a complete sideways avoid the issue answer.

    Internet etiquette

    1. When typing never write in all capital letters. That is shouting. People don’t like it when you shout at them in person. And they sure don’t like when you shout at them on the net!
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  19. ghrit

    ghrit Ambulatory anachronism Administrator Founding Member

    Get used to BT's ways, newb. Some things are not worth fussin' and stewin' about.
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  20. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    That is not shouting, ma'am, that is old skool emphasis.
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