The Status Civilization (By Robert Sheckley)

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    This is a quick read and such a great story. It is available on Gutenberg for free: The Status Civilization by Robert Sheckley - Project Gutenberg it is also available for free on Amazon.

    I also recommend Immortality Incorporated by the same author.

    "The Status Civilization is a science fiction novel by Robert Sheckley, first published in 1960.
    The Status Civilization concerns Will Barrent, a man who finds himself, without memory of any crime or, indeed, of his previous life, being shipped across space to the planet Omega.
    Omega, used to imprison extreme offenders, has a hierarchical society of extreme brutality, where the only way to advance (and avoid dying) is to commit an endless series of crimes. The average life expectancy from time of arrival on Omega is three years. The story concerns Barrent's attempt to survive, escape, and return to Earth to clear himself of the accusations against him."
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