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    Here is a thread I wrote up for anothger group I no longer belong too...
    Hope you like it...


    The straw trick
    This one I just learned to do myself and I must admit it’s turned out to be pretty damn handy!

    The idea is to use clear plastic drinking straws to store things like salt, pepper, chili and other powdered spices to keep them safe and dry during your woodland or fishing adventures. Where I’ve come to find this trick useful is in the storage of my tiny white blood pressure control pills. The straws turn out to be just the right size to safely pack a couple weeks worth of those pills.

    So what you do is take a clear plastic straw and heat one end just enough that it starts to melt. Then quickly crimp it closed with a pair of pliers…

    In the original magazine where I first learned about this they said to use your fingers… don’t do that… burning plastic stuck to your thumb really hurts… Trust me…use the pliers…

    Anyway, once you’ve sealed off one end you carefully fill your straw up with whatever you like… then repeat the sealing process on the open end creating a nice water tight seal! When you want to use the contents simply snip off an end pour out however much you want to use then reseal to keep the rest safe for another day!
    And there you have the straw trick…

    A word of note… I don’t believe you have to have clear straws for this trick to work… but if you use a clear straw you can see what’s inside without having to guess…
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    You can also seal by pressing a spoon or knife blade on the melted end against a stone or piece of wood. Leave enough space at the "top" MT so there's enough straw left to reseal without damaging the contents.
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    Let me also add you can use "To Much Heat"
    you don't want the plastic to turn black... then it becomes crunchy and brittle... you'll know when you've gone to far by the sweet melodic sound of your spouse's kind advice...

    "Jesus... What in the world are you burning in there... Do you have to do that in the house?"

    took me several attempts to get the hang of it...
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    Hey that's really a neat trick.
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    The Magazine I found this trick in was in one of those lady mag's you find in a doctors waiting room... anyway they use the same trick as a craft and gift thing... didn't see why we couldn't use it for something more practical....
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    That's great, thanks for sharing, definitely going to get some of these going.
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    Long long ago in a galaxy far far away, I used to use my empty film containers with the snap on/off lids! The good ones were nearly clear, and if I ever used the black ones, I'd use a tape label to know what was kept inside. Great for all kinds of things!
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    That straw trick is slicker'n snot on a doorknob.Wish I'd thought of it.
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    I still shoot some 35mm film.
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    Did you know that in a pinch you can use instant coffee & vitamin C as a developer?
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    Had no idea my late father used to develop film growing up we had a dark room in the gurarge.

    Do you know if a 35mm Cannon eos lenses will interchange with a new digital Cannon body?
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    They should, but the Auto Stuff may not be powered, so things would all be Manual.... Just Thinking, outloud.... YMMV....
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    All the old EOS lenses work with the new digital camera's...

    recently I learned that my rather large collection of Minolta lenses and gear interchange with the Sony Alpha digital cameras... turns out when Minolta went belly up Sony bought up the old company to speed development of their own cameras... Yeah for me... otherwise I'd have yet another box of junk I dont know what to do with...
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    Yes, with a caveat. The "EF" lenses are fully interchangeable between EOS film & digital bodies. The old film EOS lenses were "EF" and thus will work on a new digital body of any EOS flavor.

    The "EF-S" lenses only work on the consumer grade digital bodies, and won't even work on the pro full frame sensor bodies.
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