The Survival Group, life as it is.

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    The Survival Group
    About sunrise the group stirs and starts their day. It is cool this day and the first move by most is to find a spot of sun, for no heat was available last night so the warming rays helped warm them a bit. The patriarch was the first to scan the area and proceeded to get a drink from the communal water source. A heavy moss was growing on the surface and the Grandfather had to be careful and not ingest the slim as he quenched his thirst. The young and the females were next to take their time at the crowded drinking spot. Soon they would be out gathering what they could find to eat as well as be able to drink at the watering hole just north of their compound.

    The young ran and played and felt more alive as the sun warmed the hides that covered their bodies. They ran to their mothers begging for food and did receive what the mothers could provide. The group consisted of the Old Grandfather who served as day and night watch inside the compound as well as protector of the young in the day time when the mothers left the compound and went about their pursuits of food gathering or just rested a bit from the hard summer and knowing that a cold winter was on the way.

    One outcsast male had been outside the compound all night, sleeping a bit while watching, always alert and at the entrance for protection of the group.

    Soon it was warm and the sun was gaining on the cool night. With the warmth came a need to be on the move and gather the food that could be found and yet stay within ear shot of the protectors and the young. The mothers moved out in ones and twos as befitted their pecking order in the group.

    The Granddad made sure the very young stayed in what he considered his nursery area. This place he called his own had cover from some dangers and open spaces to be warm under the rays of the rising sun.

    Only two mature males had survived the rough times and with winter the Granddad might be the next to die. The young were unaware of all the trials in their world and played in groups that related to their size and the pecking order of the mothers. The world was good to them at this time of year and the survivors were at ease for now.

    As the granddad relaxed in the sun the young began to pick at the leftovers of last night’s meal.
    One day at a time and a warm day for now, all was well.

    The outcast watched and waited on the edge of the forest knowing that one day it would be his turn to watch and protect all as the youngsters grew and then had babies of their own.

    Who are they?
    Might this be your next profesional position in life?
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    I think my tribe might just fare quite a bit better than this. This seems mighty primitive dark ages to me. jmho
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    An American Indian tribe after the Indian wars. Which one, I don't know.
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    I'm guessing a pride of lions, but the reference to forest doesn't fit.

    If the females will fix the car, paint the house, and build a rock wall while they are out gathering food then I'm all in for this job!
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    For those who have replied so far I thank you. This is not lions or Indians and the group is real.
    You see I noticed a group that could be us and have watched them as strictly an observer. (I know, no such thing as strictly an observer.)
    The watching has developed over the months and this group survived an unnatural man made disaster, in this their survival hinged on only one member.
    Not trying to jack with anyone just surprised at what has happened in this group and am comparing them to us.
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    Somewhere in South America ?

    The young beg their mothers for food and then pick over last night's leftovers ?

    They trust an "outcast" for nighttime security ? foosed
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    Outcast can be used for Bait as well as doing the right thing and earn the right to return to the group. In a survival mode you use what you have.
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    The young look for a full udder and then as the females leave the young search the ground for bits of the Cow Cake from the night before.
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    I knew as soon as I read it and before the question was asked, I didn't even have to think about it.
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    Could easily be most any primitive tribe/family. Who knows the depths of survival we may end up in. Cannot envision it getting this bad--but then did not think we would have a muzzie in the WH either.
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    Sorry I missed this... pretty cool story!
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    This is actualy my small herd. I am a bit closer to them than most since I try to manage them and my pasture in a balanced way. Working with them twice a day makes for a more gentle group.

    The outcast is the productive Bull as the Old Bull was injured by an idiot with a gun. Moving the cows out each morning and leaving the Old Bull with the calves allows the Cows to mate with the young bull. You see the first generation cows would not mate with the young bull as long as they stayed with the Old Bull each day. Pretty good morals, better than most humans I know.

    This caused a total loss of production for two years.

    When I finally figured out what I was doing wrong it was only a short time till the balance returned to the herd.

    Now I have a bumper crop of calves.

    Lesson here; Even an Old Bull can keep the cows happy as long as he keeps them close. Other wise mother nature takes over.

    Y'all go out and buy your wimmens flowers today. And you women go take care of your men in some like fashion.

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    Below are 4 of the subjects of this piece. Cows or out and about and Grand Dad is in charge. The calves know where they are safe. The Old Bull and 30% of his nursery..JPG
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    Well it's official, I suck at riddles. biglaff

    I don't know a thing about cows other than they taste good.

    What breed are they ?
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    They are various Beef Stock.
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    @HK_User This is a great post and story... you did an amazing job writing that up and creating some vivid images for the mind... and a great ending with the final "reveal"... great pic!
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    Thanks Bear,

    My intent was to show that we are not very far removed from our past and the animals that we live with.

    Also that a community, any community, needs all the residents that are willing to take part of the group effort to live as well as they can.

    No slackers!

    As they say around here "Even a blind Boar can find a acorn when he lives under an Oak tree."
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    The OUTCAST, he still has a bit of growing to do. The Outcast.JPG
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