The Sutras of Buddhism

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    Read and be enlightened...

    A Complete Buddhist Sutra Collection

    This is where major parts of Christianity stemmed from BTW.
    The ideas of the non-union, Jewish carpenter were not all original.
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    Heard a long time ago, Christianity is based on faith and belief, Buddhism is based on knowledge and belief, needing all the help I can get, I am a Christian. One said, believe in me and you will be saved, the other said, study the rest of your life and you may achieve the next level, don't really know which is right, just made my own selection.

    Still, thank you for the reference, a lot of it is well worth reading and thinking about and a view of a different world. A lot of knowledge presented in a very direct form.

    Always enjoyed the Buddhist Sutra - Vyagghapajja Sutta and how its advise is so close to the 10 Commandments.
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    Christianity as believed by most 'fundamentalist' types is a direct concoction of the Romans. All the books in the King James version of the bible are the most highly edited and redacted lump of so-called scriptures. The Romans actually created "Christianity" though their shill/collaborator Saul of Tarsus (who did a Joesph Smith thing back in the day) and who started pushing a version of "Christianity" that would mollify and weaken the rebellious Jews in the province of Judeah. They also used him to influence areas outiside of Judeah.

    The brother of JC (James) actually was the early leader of the 'church' and it was just a peculiar sect of Judaism which lasted until around 600 CE/AD or so. What you follow is the Roman version of Christianity. The earliest scriptures found were dated around 70 AD/CE going to around 300 AD/CE--and none of them were directly written by these apostles. What is known is that around 70, Titus and Vespasian destroyed Jerusalem. It was their family, the Flavian dynasty which created modern Christianity as you know by promoting the teaching of Paul (their shill), and later (with Constantine) by editing, redacting and compiling the book you know as the New Testiment in 300 AD.

    Their intention was to create a universal religion that would be accepted by all of the Roman Empire which would mollify and pacify the inhabitants--and it worked. The state religion became the Catholic Church--and then the protestant movement spun off of that continuing most of the lies and propaganda.

    Compare your bible to that of the Greek Orthodox bible which has more books in the (30 more) including The Book of Phillip which describes Mary Magdelin's (Mari-um-nai) true relationship to JC.
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