The Swine Flu-Fodder for the conspiracy theorists!

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    Apparently the President of the United States shook hands with an archaeologist who died the next day of "flu-like symptoms".

    Hmmmm. The potential conspiracy theories stagger the imagination.

    La Raza: The United States initiated the swine flu, using the President to spread it as a way of keeping la raza down and preventing the re-occupation of the Southwest by its rightful inhabitants. [​IMG]

    Right Wing: More proof that our president is actually an illegal alien, because everyone knows its an illegal alien disease. [​IMG]

    Left Wing: The CIA, as head of the military industrial complex, attempted to assassinate the president using the swine flu to head off potential prosecutions for waterboarding. [​IMG]

    The CIA: We have no knowledge of the swine flu being spread by the re-use of poorly sanitized waterboarding equipment, and decline to comment. [​IMG]

    The National Enquirer: The president is actually a space alien, and immune to the swine flu. [​IMG]

    Morgan Spurlock: In the sequel to "Supersize Me", the documentary "Super Swine Me" explains how the swine flu is spread by fast food restaurants, and is responsible for our nationwide epidemic of obesity as we all turn into pigs. [​IMG]

    Michael Moore: In the sequel to his film "Sicko", Mr. Moore's film "Swine-o" explores the link between the swine flu and pharmacuetical companies who created the virus in order to cash in on the vaccine. [​IMG]

    Al-Jazeera: The swine flu was created by the state of Israel and unleashed in the U.S. in an attempt to start a new war in the Middle East. [​IMG]
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    Let's take that thought a step further!

    Mad cow disease made people afraid to eat beef; people turned to chicken.

    Bird flu; afraid of chicken eating pork.

    Swine flu; now people are afraid of meat products.

    I believe PETA and HSUS are behind this agenda. What better way to turn us into a bunch of vegans? :D
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    Al Gore has said that the global climate change aka global warming computer model that he invented predicted this pandemic.

    Scientist from Ever-Ready Battery Company has said that the spread of the disease is coming from bio diesel made from pig fat and then being introduced to the environment through the tail pipe.:D
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    Swine Flu Origin

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    Re: Swine Flu Origin

    Yup, it figures!
    It had to be those snot nosed little curtain climbing rug rats!
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    Re: Dear Tide

    Reminds me, I need to go out and buy some tide, amybe it will remove those pesky swine flu bugs!
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    Re: Dear Tide

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