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    I posted a review not long about HOLDING YOUR GROUND, the most unique Prepper book I have ever read.

    The author, "Joe Nobody" had a second book on Amazon and I got a deal if I ordered both. The 2nd book was on $10.00, so what the hell eh?

    The TEOTWAWKI Tuxedo starts off being mainly about MOLLE load gear. If you have servered, you probably know what MOLLE is, or at least understand the basics. MOLLE stands for:

    Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

    It is the latest version of how the military carries around heavy loads of gear. Stuff that a soldier (or Prepper in a hostile enviroment) may need quickly. MOLLE is not about backpacks, but the little pouches that attach to a "vest" or chest rig. The pouches come in all shapes and sizes and a good MOLLE system allows you to carry quit a bit of weight without it all being on your back.

    As the book moves on, the author explains why having some sort of load gear is important, as we Preppers will have to perform several different roles should the SHTF. He takes a lot of time explaining how a system like MOLLE can be used for these different roles.

    For example, if you are out gathering food, you need different equipment than if you are expecting trouble, like a gunfight or such.

    MOLLE is flexible enough be quickly condifured for either role and many others as well.

    The book also contains some very good example loads, including a basic bug out kit that can be completely carried without a "bag".

    I used MOLLE for years, so that part of the book was nothing really new for me. If you have never used a load vest before, that section is informative, and well wirtten and should be pretty clear for any novice.

    I did find exceptional value in the sections on various "loads" to match roles the Prepper may play in the future.

    The book is not very thick - about 100 pages.

    Some of the pictures were a little dark, but that's my only complaint.

    Clearly, Joe Nobody, whoever he is, knows his **** when it comes to humping a load and the book made me re-think how I will pack, carry and equip my bug out "bag", which will probably end up being my bug out "vest" after reading this book.

    It's worth the $10.
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    good review, makes me wanna pick up a copy
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