The Thing That Annoys Me About Politicians......

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ganado, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Ganado

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    Political strategies like the House Majority is Democrats and they run thru legislation that they know will not pass the Senate and in their campaign promises they say... we tried but just could not get it done because of the Republicans.

    I know two year olds that have better excuses than this.

    We pay these people, supposedly, to make the country run smoother but instead we have a media that only highlights the polarization effect that is spun by the political class.

    My second major annoyance is how do they all go from having little money when 1st elected to being multimillionaires with multiple homes within a few years?

    We need to be asking the tough questions.

    What annoys you about the political class?
  2. Bishop

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    The things that bother me are the people that are in charge don't have the best interest of everyone it there best interest
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  3. Bandit99

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    @Ganado "What annoys you about the political class?"

    LOL! What might be a better question to ask is what doesn't annoy me about the political class? LOL!! But, to try answer your question...

    Yes, they know the Bill will not pass the Senate but they spend the time, money, and effort working on it. Why? To me, this is a waste of time and resources when they COULD and SHOULD be doing something productive. So, yes, this truly ignores me...I pay them and they are wasting which truly is my time and resources.

    I think to boil down to the bone of what really is my main gripe is that we have no control of them - none. They do not represent us.

    My second biggest gripe is that they believe themselves to be so far above us in all things: intelligence, law, culture...etc.. Elite and meant to rule...

    The fact that all are multi-millionaires after but a few years in office is proof of the corruption...but try and prove it.
  4. Airtime

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    Bills that won’t pass and go anywhere - Good, we have too many laws anyway. The more time they waste on this the less opportunity to inflict harm on us in other ways.

    Grid lock - Good. See above for rationale.

    Millionaires - many don’t leave congress as millionaires. My congressman from 10 years ago didn’t. I attributed that to the fact he wasn’t smart enough to learn from his corrupt colleagues to get it done before we replaced him with another not so bright chap.
  5. BenP

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  6. Merkun

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    Mr. Guthrie needs to learn a bit more of what he speaks. The ACI and other similar organizations are voluntary trade operation that does ALL that and more, and does not impose it's will on the members. What it really does is provide standards that are used in engineering specifications AND inspection procedures. It is worse than dirty, it's a clear attempt to expand dot gov's influence and control. Shove a broom stick up his ________ and call him a cementcicle.

    Probably trying to create a sinecure for when he loses the next election.
  7. BTPost

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    I have No Issues with a Trade Association of Concrete Producers make up of voluntary Membaers, HOWEVER, having .Gov decide that membership is Manditory, for all Group Members, and then manditorily Taxing them to support such an organization, is just WRONG...
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  8. Gray Wolf

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    What annoys me most is the way they exempt themselves from following the laws they foist off on the rest of us.

    That and the fact we only wish we could give ourselves pay raises like they do!
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  9. Airtime

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    This is little different than the FDA’s Check Off program that mandates farmers pay a fee for the commodity products they sell to support “marketing and research.” A lot of the money just goes to pay for board members and the staff. Most of my relatives and farmers I know consider it a rip off. It costs my brother-in-law a couple grand a year and a bigtime hog farmer he knows says it costs him a new pickup truck every year.
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  10. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grudge Monkey

    What really pisses me off the most is the fact there are No Term Limits, thus making politics a carrier! That these people profit from office, basically whoring themselves out in order to expand their power at the expense of the people who these assholes do not serve! When they cross over from serving the people, to serving them selves and special interests is when they have lost the support of the people!
  11. Idahoser

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    the only thing term limits would do (assuming they would do that to themselves - not likely) is turn over which ass-hat abuses the system at a higher clip. There's nothing about term limits which improves the selection of ass-hats to choose from. There are obviously now a majority of voters who want this country to commit suicide.
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  12. Oddcaliber

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    Notice that politicians are never abducted by aliens, because the aliens want intelligent life forms!
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  13. hot diggity

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    What annoys me most is that they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  14. Meat

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    At least Trump makes me laugh. I can only think of a couple other politicians in my lifetime that have done so. Dukakis in a tank was one. Hillary looking up at balloons falling still makes me howl! *goes to YouTube*

    Omg! How close of a call was this? A few electrical votes away. Lol.
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  15. 3M-TA3

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    I think we would do better picking people at random from the list of registered voters just like jury duty. Not workable since it would take forever to find a living Democrat.
  16. Meat

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    No kidding. What happened to that party? Gone forever are the guys like Scoop Jackson from Washington State.
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  17. Waydah

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    What annoys me most about politicians is that they are politicians. We no longer have representatives that represent what we, the people who elected them, want done or NOT done. The primary focus for a politician is to get themselves re-elected, and they will promise anything or say anything they think people want to hear, and take money from anyone that will help in the re-election effort.
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  18. My biggest problem is that they think they have to do something in order to justify their job and pay. I would rather they start going through the mountains of laws and regulation and eliminate everything that violates the Constitution, is outdated, or is redundant. As if that would ever happen.
    It also baffles me how politicians think they are better than the general public when their behavior indicates they are far worse.
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  19. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    1) They shamelessly pander to anyone they think might garner the POG a vote.

    2) They perform all of the care and feeding of the now out of control Grievance Industry.

    3) For the most part they are shameless, bald faced liars.
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  20. Meat

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    Henry M. Jackson - Wikipedia
    Here’s info on Henry “Scoop” Jackson. Slightly before my time but Gramps loved the guy. In fact he’d call Scoop occasionally after a bit of vodka. Wait. After a lot of vodka. Oops. Lol. :D
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