The Tomb Of Jesus In Talpiot Discovered

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    Saw this video with the Naked Archaeologist.
    I like this guy--he shakes up a lot of dogmatic beliefs with some hard evidence.
    What got me to think this is the real thing was all the follow-up, knee-jerk reactions by the Christian Fundamentalist Preacher types coming up with a contradicting spin.

    In this video the Tomb of Jesus was found about 20 years ago and went unnoticed for a while until Simca put the facts together. His findings directly contradict many of the false claims/beliefs in the new testament (which I believe is a concoction of Roman propaganda, editing and redactions in part by the Flavian Emperors).

    Whenever I see 'the usual bible thumping suspects' scream and whine--I know there is some factual basis to it.
    If true, the actual bones of Jesus are still available (somewhere) for study and DNA analysis.

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