TOR The Tor Project Defends the Human Rights Racists Oppose

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    The Tor Project Defends the Human Rights Racists Oppose
    steph August 17, 2017

    We've heard that the hate spewing website Daily Stormer has moved to a Tor onion service.

    We are disgusted, angered, and appalled by everything these racists stand for and do. We feel this way any time the Tor network and software are used for vile purposes. But we can't build free and open source tools that protect journalists, human rights activists, and ordinary people around the world if we also control who uses those tools. Tor is designed to defend human rights and privacy by preventing anyone from censoring things, even us.

    Ironically, the Tor software has been designed and written by a diverse team including people of many religions, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and points on the (legitimate, non-Nazi) political spectrum. We are everything they claim to despise. And we work every day to defend the human rights they oppose.

    They feel powerful by spewing hate, whining, bullying, and promoting violence against others. But together, we are more powerful.

    Tor stands against racism and bigotry wherever and whenever such hatred rears its ugly head. It is our work to provide everyone with the best possible security and privacy tools so human dignity and freedom can be promoted all over the world.

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