the Trayvon Amendment

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, May 9, 2012.

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    This is a good thing, especially during an election year. Let's be sure to listen to the "blue dog" democrats who may be in danger come November. I'm sure they will have lots to add to the debate.

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    They must have seen my post and realized they made a political tactical error.

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    I think the Whitehouse gave someone a phone call and told them to back-off until the Kenyan gets re-elected.
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    It would never have left the House, but it would have smoked a bunch of democrats out in a lose lose situation. Support it and alienate the middle, don't support it and alienate the left.

    The conservatives should not let them off the hook and bring it to the floor.

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    What conservatives? Congress and Washington is made up of nothing but liberals, with a few exceptions (such as Allen West), who parade around behind Republican banners.

    One of the tenets I use to define a conservative is "courage" and to that end, the Democrats have more "conservatives" than the Republicans do--they're not afraid to introduce stupid-assed bills or amendments like this, while the Repubicans would wet their pants at the mere thought. . .

    I have zero faith or confidence in Washington. Zero.

    Quite frankly, States need to follow the lead of Oklahoma and Texas and Idaho and Montana, et al, who have passed State resolutions declaring their State sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment. Residents of those states who do not like that resolution should pack their bags and head to Boston or Philadelphia. . . or Washington.

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    Looks like you answered your own question.
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    Rhetorical questions are not really questions that the author doesn't already know the answer to. It is a figure of speech used to make a this case, that politicians of both sides cannot be considered "conservative."
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    Another example of some majorly bad legislation designed to use rank emotionalism to garner votes from the minorities. :rolleyes:
  11. 100% correct sir. Buckle up!! Things might get interesting soon
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