The Troubled FBI

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, Apr 26, 2015.

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    Our troubled FBI: What Americans need to know about today's Bureau | Fox News

    The federal judge- "If the government can get away with this, he ruled, then constitutional guarantees are meaningless."

    I think those guarantees are no more.... the government has written their own rules. And those 'rules" truly contradict our rights, that the Constitution affirmed for We The People.
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    Why didn't the Federal Judge, have those FBI Agents arrested, by the US Marshals, assigned to his Court, for Perjury, when filing the Affidavits, for the Arrest Warrants? This could ALL be solved by the Judges, both State and Federal, if they just would use their LEGAL Obligations, and their Courts....
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    And they didn't even get into the juicy stuff. The FBI was behind both WTC attacks -with the first one botched and on record as a staged event with the FBI supplying the bomb! With the second, we only need to look at John O'Neil, who left the FBI in disgust and surprisingly became the WTC security chief, who once headed the investigation into Bin Laden and was forced to back off, and on his first day at his new job...he died in the attack. Of course, there was Oklahoma City and who can forget the New Orleans disaster and the Mexican gun running ring known as 'Fast and Furious'? Yes, it's a long, crooked road of deceit, and our alphabet agencies are waist deep in conspiracies and murder.
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    Movie "Arlington Road"...
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    Once upon a time, being the anti-establishment individual that I am, I bought into the Tom Laughlin, "Billy Jack" movies. .... right up to the point several movies in where run of the mill, no agenda, common LEOs followed orders and opened fire on obviously unarmed (no threat what so ever) children. At that my BS meter spun up so hard it broke the meter.
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    In the words of Sergeant Schultz (Hogans Heroes) "Very Interesting"
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