The U.N. now controls the internet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Undoubtedly. Also, there will be an increasing "need" to watch, to protect, to administer the web at some point as the "government" points fingers at, oh, say Russia for hacking this and that. It's a very slippery slope, indeed. These people do not even need proof, they can invent a story, adopt a talking point, and let the corporate media pound it into the minds of Americans before it is widely accepted (and protested by folks like us), but nevertheless, they will have their policies, they will have their "laws", they will have the control they want. It's no different than it is right now, it's just the idea of protection on a global scale that should be a warning to people. Washington's hands are clean when a foreign foe interrupts the internet and espionage is the talk of the town.

    But, I guess it gives some people comfort to believe this isn't a big deal. "There's no way an international band of genocidal maniacs are going to ever control the internet!" --We shall see.
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    However..... If one were to just do, All you DNS Lookups "In House" none of this means SQUAT.... This is all because the actual IP inventors wanted a unified system to do that, so they wouldn't have to remember all those Individal IP Addresses, in a local Database... for themselves... Welcome to "The DARKNet".... Duh...
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    I don't know that it's so much darknet since you are running everything "above board", just using your own name resolution. The phonebook is private, but the phone is still connected to the phone company. If you want darknet, extending the phone analogy, you need to stand up your own towers as well or tunnel "off-grid" phones through "on-grid" devices, obfuscating the true source/destination.
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    The big picture looks like this to me. Globalization slowly eating up everything. The serfs are being put in the pens and overlords are taking control of the world. Have a nice day.
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    routing by IP is the "darknet"?
    Sheesh...i;m surrounded by milk and toast.
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    We predicted (feared) back in the early 90s that at some point corporate and government interests would commercialize, corrupt and effectively destroy the internet as a medium for the free exchange of information. That corruption and effective destruction is already far advanced and this isn't going to make any difference either way.
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