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    im sure it will show up in a bond

    Chevrolet Corvette turns into speedboat with $1.7 million price tag

    <cite class="byline vcard"></cite>By Mike Wehner, Tecca | Today in Tech – <abbr title="2011-10-05T13:45:28-07:00">19 hrs ago</abbr>

    mw-630-zr48-header. Custom boat features leather seats, Apple TV, a wifi hotspot

    Seeing a Chevy Corvette tearing up a freeway is a common site all over the United States, but we never thought we'd see one riding the waves. Performance boat manufacturer Marine Technology, Inc. wanted to change that, and the result is an insanely powerful aquatic speed demon called the ZR48 — a boat that boasts neck-snapping speeds and a massive price tag.
    Built using parts from a genuine Corvette ZR1, the ZR48 oozes style. Its sleek body lines are undeniably auto-inspired, and great touches like genuine taillights and Corvette badges make it a treat to look at. The boat's body is built out of lightweight carbon fiber, which is as strong as metal but much lighter.
    mw-630-zr48-interior-. ZR48 cockpit is pure Corvette

    But it's not just the outside that will appeal to Chevy diehards, the interior has been given an equally stunning treatment. After entering through custom gull wing doors, the driver is treated to a true Corvette cockpit, complete with an original shifter and steering wheel. Leather and suede seating provides room for six, and a 8,000 watt sound system ensures that the party never stops.
    If you feel like enjoying some quality programming while cruising the open sea, you can switch on the built-in LCD displays which come complete with Apple TV and a mobile wifi hotspot. iPad owners get additional treatment with a custom dock and charging station. The accessories alone are powered by a standalone Fischer diesel motor. The ZR48 has just as much "go" as it has show, and a pair of 1,350 horsepower, twin-turbo Mercury Racing engines deliver speed on demand.
    mw-630-zr48-trailer-side. ZR48 and custom trailer

    The 48-foot monster boat comes with a special, tricked-out trailer to suit its extra wide stance. The transporter features a total of 5 TVs, a DVD player, LED display lighting, and matching paint scheme. In transit, the boat is situated sideways on the trailer to avoid the need for special highway permits.
    As you may have guessed, the customer nature of the ZR48 and its luxurious touches demand top dollar, and a price of no less than $1.7 million is being asked. The one-of-a-kind boat will undoubtedly make you the star of whatever marina you frequent, and wealthy Corvette fans will surely find its charm hard to resist.
    This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca
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    That appears to be an upgraded model to the one that came out in the '60's
    mania07. steering2.JPG color_glastron_batboat_small.JPG batboat.
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    nananananananana batman
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    Holy Long John Silver, Batman!
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    Riddle me this Batman, why does a boat need brake lights?
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    So they don't get rear ended by "Green Peace"?[dunno]
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    I was thinking it was for the lighting up the rooster tail that this thing is gonna kick up!

    Kind of like a laser light show with water plumes!
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    and i bet not a single one of us would turn down a chance to drive
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    Yeah Baby!!! Holy horsepower Batman!!
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