The Ultimate Wild Game Meat Processing Charts for Preppers

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    Sharing this article. The author include great charts that show each animal & parts, that are great for printing out. As someone mentioned in the comments, it would have been nice to have a turkey chart.

    The Ultimate Wild Game Meat Processing Charts for Preppers

    By Sarah Rodriguez June 17, 2019 14:06
    As preppers, making sure that there is plenty of food on hand is always on our minds. One way to be sure that you get enough meat is to go hunting. Hunting should be done when in season and with the proper permits. Processing your kill is part of hunting, whether you pay to have it done or you do it yourself. When SHTF, you will definitely need to know how to do the processing yourself.

    Most animals that you will butcher have a fat layer, as well as layers of silverskin that protect the muscles. You will want to remove the silverskin the best you can, as it is tough and does not leave a good flavor. The fats depend on the type of animal, but I always try to remove as much as possible.

    When processing your deer, start by removing the front legs. Remove the leg below the knee by cutting it off; there isn’t any meat in this part. Now grab the shank and pull it slightly away from the body. Start slicing with your knife to remove the foreleg. The meat from the front legs and shoulder can be used as roast or deer steaks. The shank is full of connective tissue and can be used in grind.

    Then remove the neck meat, brisket and flank; these are good for scrap to grind or cube up for stew meat. Next, cut out the loin and back straps. These are some of the most tender and best cuts of meat on the deer.

    Make two long cuts from the rump to the base of the neck, being sure to get all of the meat that you can. There will be two long back straps to cut and an inner loin that you will want to be sure to get.

    The hind legs should be removed and the shank used for stew meat. The top round and bottom round will have silverskin between the layers of the meat. These cuts should be separated. Cut them off the bone. These are also excellent cuts of meat for roast. The ribs can provide a rack of ribs or spare ribs, or you can scrape the meat from the ribs and use that for grind also. You can use ground deer meat in place of any burger.

    Other game animals and info......
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    The Ultimate Wild Game Meat Processing Charts for Preppers - Ask a Prepper
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    Great reference!
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    Turkey is prosessed same as Goose or other mid size game birds! Pluck, and singe the fuzz! Slit the throat and hang by its legs and push the blood out! Gut like any other!
    Yes, pluck and singe first, then bleed and gut!
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    Looks as If I need to explore the entire web site
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