the unintended consequences of eco-libs trying to be do-gooders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Mar 30, 2013.

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    *blech*. So, what's the solution to this one? bring the population down and burn the bodies? nuke it from orbit?
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    i will see if i can find the story, but in essence, three species, nearly instinct in Africa due to over hunting, were being raised in Texas as high priced hunts. the 2-3% that were hunted, paid for the upkeep of the entire healthy sized herds until recently, when one woman started legislation to protect these three species (no more hunting) so as a result, those with these animals had to liquidate their entire herds quickly, before the legislation went into effect. No one can continue to feed them, without any way to make a profit at it. Nor could they be released into the wild, as they are not indigenous to the U.S. So, as a result of a misguided do-gooder, All of these animals in the U.S. have been killed. :(Hunters, and the projects we support, are some of the greatest conservationists that exist.
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    IMO, the 'environmentalists' are the ones messing up the planet worse than those they accuse of it. Especially since I've seen too many hypocritical ones, who wouldn't dream of giving up city life and all their electronic gadgets to try a homesteading self-sustainable lifestyle.
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    Boy are you spot on....I work with a ton of city folks who live in 400-800 square foot sky boxes in Vancouver....some are SHOCKED when I show them videos of our little 10 acres "hobby farm". I've even had 1 say "what could you possible need THAT MUCH land for?" as if we're somehow "greedy" for cultivating more than a balcony. I try to explain to some of them how "high-density housing" is all part of the UN agenda to cram us into cities for greater control and easier extermination under Codex Alimentarius/Agenda 21 but few if any listen.
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