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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by Mudinyeri, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Mudinyeri, you went straight from Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils to Memorial Day, ya skipped whole volumes inbetween. Did their unknown reinforcements arrive, etc...
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    I agree with stang, I have today off and one of the first things i did was fire up the computer and see if there was a new entry. Ususally this is my routine at work after i eat breakfast there. I was wondering how the battle turned out. If they defeated the UN/lanigan, i lanigan got what was coming to him along with wei. And also how are the FMC and UC holding out/or if they got attacked or going to be attacked. lots of questions mud lol
  3. oth47

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    Well,that's a disappointing end to a good story.
  4. sgt peppersass

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    i thought the end was different. leaves a lot of room for questions and also leaves room for more if DJ wants to write in it :)

    you did a great job writing it and we all enjoyed it, i hope you continue writing in the future, either union creek or other wise
  5. Mudinyeri

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    ... and volumes (actually, a volume) to follow.
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  6. Quiksilver

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    The ending was a bit of a surprise, but I have been enjoying the read. Looking forward to the continuation...
  7. mysterymet

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    Would like to have heard how the battle went down.
  8. Mudinyeri

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    You will ... when I finish the sequel. :D
  9. sgt peppersass

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    awesome, looking forawrd to it. again thankyou for taking your time writing this
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    with oboma bringing on a carbon tax and talking with the UN again about the arms treaty. That post is pretty eery. Mud, you have any lotto numbers you think i should play tonight?
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    Nope. I'm no good with the lottery. :mad:
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    Only the state is good with the lottery lol
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