THe USS Gabrielle Giffords

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    W. T. F. ? ? ?
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    it is so rare

    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is not the first Congress member to face a violent attack. Some have even lost their lives.

    The last to be killed was Rep. Leo Ryan of San Francisco. The Democrat was leading a delegation investigating an American religious cult in Jonestown, Guyana, when it was ambushed on Nov. 18, 1978. He and four others were killed.

    • Rep. Cornelius Springer Hamilton, R-Ohio, was killed by an insane son on Dec. 12, 1867.
    • Rep. James Hinds, a Northern Republican elected to Congress from Arkansas during Reconstruction, was assassinated by a Ku Klux Klansman on Oct, 22, 1868.
    • Rep. John Pinckney, a Texas Democrat, was shot to death at a mass meeting on April 24, 1905, by a lawyer vehemently opposed to Prohibition.

    Edward Baker of Oregon became the only sitting senator to be killed in battle when he died while leading a Union regiment at the Battle of Ball's Bluff in Virginia during the Civil War.

    • Robert Kennedy, Democrat of New York, was assassinated on June 6, 1968, in Los Angeles after winning the California presidential primary.
    • Huey Long was shot at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge on Sept. 8, 1935. He died two days later.

    I was upset that a fighting ship of the US Navy was named after the victim of a random shooting by a crazy person, but from the viewpoint of a politician, it makes a certain kind of (narcissistic) sense.

    Shame we couldn't have honored a MoH awardee or even a fallen Marine who died in combat in the service of their country.

    My head about exploded this weekend when I watched as Ricky San-tor-rum compared his "public service" as being the same as serving in the military while 3 or 4 active/hot/shooting wars were ongoing. Now, that, that's a real WTF moment.

    Not one of the Presidential candidates have ever served in the military, and damn few Senators/Representatives have served. As I posted on anaother thread, with over 11 million Vets, you'd think the odds would be a little higher.
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    I do NOT know why, but it annoys me no end to see ships (or any other thing) named for a living person. A tribute to them after death is a far more fitting way to honor a memory. Call me harsh, I don't care. (That said, in my opinion, Carter should not have anything more imposing than a dinghy named for him.) MOH awardees are the best choices to be so honored in memory.

    Exceptions, as in libraries and facilities bought and paid for by donors (say on university campuses) don't trouble me at all. You pay for it, you can dictate what its called.
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    Earning his dolphins is about the only admirable thing Carter ever achieved... not that says much considering thousands and thousands (including my father) have also earned them. I think Carter is likely the one exception to the rule that someone with their Submarine Warfare insignia can never again be considered a NUB.
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    I heard this will be the next ship the USS O-Boma

    The Captian and first mate

    And this is the support ship


    All jokes aside the naming of a war ship should be reserved for those who have sacrifised for it. I had figured they would use her for some kind of new anti-gun push.
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    I haven't figured out yet how he came to be the senior officer on the precom unit for Seawolf unless it was VERY early in the construction program; usually that leads to command, but he didn't get the billet for some reason, probably because he never advanced past lieutenant.

    It's passing strange to me that he never learned to pronounce "nuclear" correctly.
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    especially after having to graduate from Rickover's Nukey Nuke S chool in the Idaho Desert..... maybe it is just his southern drawl......
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    Anybody remember the Sullivans? They all joined the American Navy and all served on the same ship, which was sunk by the Jerries. There was a ship (destroyer? battleship?) named after them and a movie was made of the story. I have never seen it listed on TV or Netflix but would like to. Very inspiring but, of course, very sad, movie. Anybody know if it is obtainable anywhere?
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    A destroyer. Their previous ship was sunk by a Japanese sub at Guadalcanal.

    USS The Sullivans (DD-537) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There are some YouTube items on the web, but they are all more or less recent. Couldn't find reference to a movie on a very quick and dirty search.

    Bruce, we doubled, good find.
  11. BTPost

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    Granny, the Sullivans were part of the USS Juneau Crew, which was a Light AA Cruiser that was torpedoed by the Japanese during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on Nov. 13, 1942. The Navy named two destroyers The Sullivans to honor the brothers. The brothers' story was filmed as the 1944 movie "The Sullivans" (later renamed The Fighting Sullivans)
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    i saw the movie in 1953, in the fifth grade. Still remember the dadgum dust got in my eyes there at the end.
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    Oh troll you! ; )

    Oh troll you! ; ) derailling this thread dedicated to complaining about memorialising a live politician instead of a dead serviceman or servicewoman. Shame on you! answer to your question....the film is evidently available for online screening (Free apparently) or as a DVD available from online sources at a price. I vaguely remember the film, but it probably contains more scripted Holllywood bathos than true to life pathos. Follow the link below.


    Actually I was pleased to read your made a pleasant change from the outrage expressed by others. My own view is that the decision to name any naval vessel, even a garbage scow, after a living person is a dumb idea. Naming a vessel after the congresswoman was thoughtless, insensitive and entirely unnecessary. The woman concerned should have squashed that idea as soon as she became aware of its existence.

    Edit: You will all of course realise that I am using the word troll in its internet lingo meaning, not the alternative meaning in its abbreviated form as a woman of questionable moral reputation...I would never even contemplate such an inference of granny. Just wanted to make that clear.
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    I have read that Jimmy did not impress Hyman Rickover much - maybe why the Peanut Farmer's Navy career ended early. Interesting how some guys can screw up in service and later become Presidents - Jimmy Carter, JFK.....

    I once visited Jimmy's "Presidential Library" in Plains, Georgia - a very uninspiring edifice. Old dusty city office building with some books, photos, etc. But...... NOT one thing about The Rabbit! I asked the security dude, and he seemed uncomfortable about it. [dunno]

    I agree about naming ships - should be done to commemorate notables who have passed on, not someone living. What if they later really screw the pooch and embarrass the nation? Heaven forbid if they ever have the unmitigated gall to name a poor ship after that grinning jackanapes inhabiting the Whitehouse now........ It'll be a 'jinx ship' from the get-go.
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    Having served 22 years in the U.S. Navy, I think naming a U.S. Navy ship after Congresswoman Giffords is ridiculous and dishonors our servicemen and women. The ship should be named after one of the recent Medal of Honor recipients. They are far more deserving of the honor.
  16. Seawolf1090

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    This is the perfect example of the Democrat (and obummer misadministration) penchant for knee-jerk emotionalism. It's unfortunate what happened to Ms. Giffords, but it and her otherwise lackluster Congressional career do NOT qualify her for this honor, coupled with her still being alive. This should always be a posthumous honor.
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    you guys joke about a naval ship being named after OBammy .... but it's coming sooner than you think ..... the Democraps will expediture an aircraft carrier only if OBammy is on the bow .....
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    That would be fitting...........if he were just off the bow......secured to the anchor chain......SPLASH!
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    "Not one of the Presidential candidates have ever served in the military, and damn few Senators/Representatives have served. As I posted on anaother thread, with over 11 million Vets, you'd think the odds would be a little higher."

    He may not have had to dodge any bullets.. But at least he did serve....

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    Now then Chello....I wrote about the Sullivans because other folks were talking about naming ships posthumously after military heroes and I was loosely using it as an example, although I obviously should have explained that.

    Oops....I did not know what a "troll" was (in computer lingo) although I had seen the word before in posts. Ignorant ol' biddy! Well, now I know and I have an awful feeling that I have probably offended many times in this way. Mea culpa! Never let it be said though that Granny can't take a hint, lol! I shall offend no more (well, not until the next time anyway!) HOWEVER, re-read the posts from everyone else, there are quite a few at least semi-trolls! I mean, how does visiting Jimmy Carter's Presidential Library relate to naming of ships, e.g.

    And, Chello, you were skating on VERY thin ice (in spite of being in a hot Australian summer) by not adding the -ope! But let's face it, my days of being even slightly "trollopy" are long past, hah.[angel]

    I shall be watching with my eagle eye and I shall swoop down on you if you vary even a mm. from the thread topic in future, lol!! You have been warned!

    Joking aside, I do love your posts, Chello! Always something there to make me think (or laugh, or cry, or.....)

    Now, I just realized that by answering your post I have "trolled" again. Gadzooks, there is no end to it. I'm getting out of here before I cause any more trouble, lol.
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