The Vanishing American Dream

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    In 1776 it took a Revolution to over throw King George & his supporters in the Chamber of Commerce but then we had honest government backing American Patriots now we have a bunch of Traitors in Congress & the President Supporting the Illegal Invasion!
    Yes, there was a Chamber of Commerce in 1776 & yes, then, as now, they supported King George only then he was in England & not on American soil.
    A study of history & comparing it to now, results in the conclusion that even then we had a better, more representative, honest government for the Citizens under King George of England then, than we currently have with our President & both political parties.

    Is the following the Family Values that the President is always talking about that does not stop at our border? To be fair, it should also be pointed out that Corruption & Crime is a way of life in Latin American from top to bottom and the Corruption & Crime also does not stop at our border.

    1/3 of all federal prisoners are "illegal aliens"!.
    95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide are for illegal aliens.
    66% of all fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens.
    The largest and most violent gangs in the USA are made up of illegal aliens, the MS-13 gang 30,000 strong, & in over 33 major cities is one, if not, the most violent and ruthless gang ever known.

    The 18th street gang in L.A. is 20,000 strong made up of illegal aliens.
    Some estimates are as high as 80% of violent crimes in the USA involves illegal aliens.

    There are over 4000 homicide warrants issued for Illegal Aliens that Committed crimes & have flee back across the Border and protected by the Mexican government.

    Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed that arrests for child sex crimes during the first two years of Operation Predator have exceeded 6,000 and 85 per cent of them are criminal immigrants.

    Millions of Americans are enslaved by drugs pouring across our Borders & drug dealers are aided by Corrupt Government officials at all levels in Mexico. Drugs, alone with oil and remittance of an estimated 20 Billions dollars per year from Illegal Aliens in the USA are the primary source of income in Mexico.

    Illegal Aliens are importing all kinds of contagion diseases like T.B that is drug resistance & that was once eradicated in this country and all kinds of other diseases are coming across our open borders! Tens of thousands of Americans citizens’ are contacting type A & B liver diseases from feces on food handled in the food industry by Illegal Aliens.
    Is letting American taxpayers pay their medical bills, educating their many children, while they suck at the trough of public welfare, start having kids at 16 and 1 per year thereafter, with an average an 6 grade education and 50 percent school drop out rate. Is that Family values he is speaking of?

    How are we going to provide Welfare for people with an Average 6 grade Education & an 50% school drop rate? I will tell you how, we are going to become another third World country like Mexico & experience an widening ever increasing gap between the poor & rich and destroy the middle class, which alone with a common Language is an big part of the glue that holds an society together.

    This country will tear itself apart as diverse groups each compete for decreasing resources and align their selves with their own ethnic & religious groups at the expense of other groups. We are seeing the results now as Illegal Aliens demand their own Language & their piece of the pie & benefits without the work, sacrifice & service that made this Nation.

    The greed displayed by Companies & Business for profits at the expense of American citizens & our standard of living, coupled with the Pandering of our Politicians for money & votes, at any cost, without considering the future or the results of their policies is & will,in time completely destroy this country & the American dream!.

    American will know longer be a melting pot with a common goal of building a better country and future for all citizens, but each group out for their selves like the tribal, ethnic, & religious wars we see in Iraq & in many counties around the world!

    We are seeing the results of the Illegal Invasion now with 100,s of thousands waving Mexican flags and stating they are going to kill Americans & take the country back for Mexico. What kind of Loyally is that to the Country that allows to stay & work illegally, a country they Invaded, provides their Medical benefits, their kids education & a host of other Benefits & services. Would they have more respect for this Country & American if we treated them the way Mexico treats Illegal Aliens? The answer is probably yes, our policies have convince many we are stupid and put upon the earth to be taken advantage of.

    Lets face the facts, our President was a doper, drunker, and womanize & a failure at every job he had. The whole world realizes he is not too bright, or well read in History or apparently our Constitution. The Corpulent Corrupt Slug Turd Blossom is his political brain. The intent is to increase the Latino vote for the Republican party & get Business donations for the Slave labor, at any cost to the Nation or American Citizens!

    But to be fair, it should be recognized that the Democrat party is even worse & they view Latinos as just more votes for their party.

    Either Party is doing this out of any compassion for the poor Illegal Aliens but using them to service their own priorities of votes & money!

    If the majority of American Politicians had in the past put their Welfare & their parties welfare ahead of the common good and this country, like he & his Political Supporters of both parties in Congress are, we would not have a country as we know it now.

    Ditto for the Catholic Church. It is no accident that is nearly all Counties where Catholics are the primary group & religion have 3 things in Common, Unbelievable Corruption, Unconstrained breeding rate, & Grinding poverty! Prolific breeding means more Catholics, more poverty & less education & both means, they are more amenable & more dependent on the church & to the church teaching!

    What we are experiencing in this country is open political warfare! The lust for power by both parties makes the welfare of American Citizens & future of this Nation almost none existing in their priorities.

    Hundreds of thousands of American Citizens have lost their jobs in the construction industry while the housing costs have soared, because they cannot live on Slave wages like the peons, in point of fact, the peons cannot survive on the wages they are paid without the Billions of tax dollars from legal American Citizens. They have also taken over the jobs food industry & are in nearly every fast food place and restaurant in the USA & the same for landscaping, meat packing plants, motels & hotels coast to coast, etc.

    Businesses prefer hiring, wherever possible, Illegal Aliens even at the same wages. Because working off the books they can avoid the Social Security cost, Medical cost & other costs & let American taxpayers pay for their benefits. When hiring an legal American Citizen they have more costs & have to worry about labor laws & decent treatment of their workers. So both Businesses & Politicians are exploiting Illegal Aliens for their own benefits!

    All of this occurring while 46 million American citizens have no insurance or medical care, millions of American kids & American Citizens living in poverty, our veterans without decent medical care, 400 million dollar deficit & hundreds of trillions in debt!

    Our school system & medical faculties are going broke and the quality of education & medical care is decreasing & approaching a third world level. Due in a great part of the influx of Illegal Aliens & the demands & strain they place on our education and medical faculties.

    The requirement that be taught in Spanish instead of English & government material be in Spanish is one more sign of the destroying of the bonds that holds a nation together! A common Language, an large middle class, & upper mobility & dreams of a better future are all necessary ingredients to holding, building and maintaining a great Nation.

    The best estimates put the economic costs & lowing our standard of living at 200 billions per year and growing rapidly. In addition to lowing our standard of living it costs the tax payers another 100 to 150 billion both at the State & Federal level in increased taxes to provide the benefit’s they receive & the lost of taxes due to the under ground economic because most Illegal Aliens are working off the books and pay no taxes!

    Although, no one knows for sure , the number of the Illegal Aliens in the USA, independent estimates are there are 20 to 30 millions here Illegally, not the 11 to 12 million claimed by the Government!

    Many, if not most, take full advantage of our social welfare services & are very well informed about how to get benefits Legally or Illegally. They have an informal, but highly effective means thru. Cell phones & word of mouth of informing others when any new scan is discovered to get benefits. They really see nothing wrong with this because Corruption is just a fact of life in Latin American & almost necessary to survive.

    Due to their prolific breeding & the up to10 thousand pouring across our open borders daily we are crating a vast underclass that will soon exceed the taxpayers ability ( even with the Presidents outrageous deficits) to provide their medical benefits, educate their many children & anchor babies and provide the numerous benefits they are currently getting.

    When that day occurs we will have riots, fires and civil war coast to coast that will make what occurred in French recently look benign. The problems in Europe were caused by the same insane policies of importing cheap labor & having a large unassimilated lower class on the public dole & no loyally to the country where they live.

    It would be poetic justice if terrorist do cross our open Borders with an WMD instead of killing innocent Men, Women & Children set it off in Wash. D.C and wipe out about 70% of the Corrupt nest of Vipers in our Government. There is no Doubt that the Nation & American citizens would all benefit with most of our Corrupt Politicians replaced with an Honest government not working for the special interests, their selves, & their Party, but instead for their Country & American Citizens..

    The President ask our young men to fight and die in the service for our country at the same time he is aiding, encouraging, & facilitated an Illegal Invasion of their Country in direct violation of his Oath of Office & the US Constitution, Article IV Section 4!

    He is providing 21 century Slaves to greedy businesses and corporations by supporting an Illegal Invasion! Then after he floods the Nation with Illegal Aliens again in direct violation of Article IV Section 4 of our Constitution & his oath of office. He wants to reward them with green cards, which is Amnesty at the expense of American Citizens.

    This policy is a slap in the face to American taxpayers & the Millions of people around the world that play by the rules and dream of living in this country legally, assimilating and building a better society & contributing to the American Dream. Instead of maintaining loyalty to their Native country, while having hate & scorn for American, American Citizens & American Ideals!

    The Mexican education systems teach that all the problems there are due to American & that the Southwest belongs to Mexico. By teaching this & exporting their poverty to the USA it takes the pressure off reforming their government & providing a better standard of living for their Citizens. While advancing their cause of exerting Political & Culture influence over this country by maintaining their citizens loyally to their home country & the eventual annexing of the Southern States!

    This government Policy on Illegal Aliens contributes to maintaining & keeping the Corrupt governments in power & the sub par standard of living in Latin American.

    It seems the Presidents Ideal of a great society is Mexico where the Rich & Corrupt rule and the rest are Poor, Powerless and Victims of Criminals and the Corrupt rich!

    When business cannot be moved to cheap labor countries he just imports Slave labor for their use by ignoring our Constitution & Laws! Thousands of returning veterans will find they must compete for jobs with Slave labors from Latin American subsidized by taxpayers.

    We are told by the Politicians our economy will collapse without the Illegal Aliens here, that is pure political spin & lies. Illegal Aliens make up less than 5 % of our work force. We also told the cost of goods and services will be too expensive. It is estimated a head of lettuce with cost ten cents more without Illegal Alien Labor. Yes, some costs will increase but any cost will be far offset by increase in wages & a higher standard of living & Hugh decreases in taxes to pay welfare cost & large increase in tax receipts!

    Some of the benefits we can expect (but not nearly all) when our borders are closed & Illegal Aliens return to their own countries:

    1. Our budget deficit will decrease by Billions
    2. Tax receipts will increase by billions
    3. Our crime & cost, both in money and human suffering will take a Hugh drop down
    4. Our schools will make a great improvement in the education of our children & cost decrease
    5. Innovation will increase
    6. Medical care will improve and cost go down
    7. Insurance cost will decrease
    8. The increase in wages & the 20 billion currently going out of country now will create a large increase in demand for goods and services & new businesses and expanding business & our economy will soar
    9.Even business that think they must have Slave labor to survive will find they are more profitable & new revenues & sources for profits will increase. (As Henry Ford discovered if he wanted to sell cars he must pay a livable wage so people could afford his cars)
    10. Our standard of living will go up
    11. But maybe the most important benefit will be stopping the influx of Illegal Aliens with their loyally to another Nation & hate for all things American, that if left unchecked will tear our society apart
    12. Hopefully after being exposed to life in American the citizens that return to their home counties will demand from their Politicians change & improvement in their standard of livings. If and when that occurs then Americans will be there to help them have a better life thru. Foreign aid and assistances. It makes no sense to destroy this country in a vain attempt to help others from Latin American by allowing an Mass Illegal Invasion of this country & a mockery of our Laws. It far better to remain strong, free and the hope of the world & insist that people go thru. Legal channels to become American citizens and help us to continue to build this country & keep the American dream alive for our children and citizens of the world.

    To our Politicians, Power, Money and getting Elected is more important than American Citizens and the future of this Country! There are apparently no limits or any restraints to Political Corruption & Stupidly by our Politicians!

    All American Citizens that love this Country and wants it to remain the Bright Beacon of hope for the world should take action now…
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    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced, and the Judiciary Committee adopted, a new "blue card" amnesty that would allow 1.5 million illegal alien agricultural workers to remain in the United States if they work in agriculture for part of the next two years. Then these illegal aliens, and millions more of their family members, would be permitted to apply for green cards, allowing them to remain here permanently.

    Feinstein had previously spoken out against amnesty programs, but she decided that she wanted one for agribusiness. Still, her positions on some immigration issues have been better than many of her colleagues. Expressing your anger and disappointment on this amendment may help her to support a better bill as it is being shaped on the Senate floor.


    Please call one of Senator Feinstein's offices to let her know that her amnesty amendment is an appalling idea.


    Los Angeles


    San Diego

    San Francisco
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    Thanks Martin for the info.
    You show that you love your country.
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