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    Those are not even remotely the best scar pictures I've seen of Obama.
    In the link, at the bottom two "ear pictures" the left one looks very Photoshopped. If it isn't, it's two different people,

    Head scars like that can come from a serious automobile accident, or from going thru a plate glass window, or a really bad beating/knifing. The scar patterns I saw would not be especially useful for changing a persons facial appearance.

    It's very possible Obama has one or more doubles. The scars seem to come & go.

    Or maybe Obama was just assembled from the pieces of several dead Democrats. I haven't seen a zipper in his neck, but what does that prove?
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    The problem is introduced with the premise itself by drawing a conclusion which cannot be based on easily verifiable fact. However, it's one thing to claim that a double exists of another person, but something else entirely to go off the deep end naming him the "anti-christ" oooooooH, spooOOooooOOoky!

    It is possible for world "leaders" to have doubles or even doppelgangers, and I do believe Saddam Hussein had at least one.
    If we look long enough, we can find somebody who looks a lot like one of us, too.

    And while the people argue over every POTUS, the real Masters of the Universe go around scheming and plotting unseen.
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    Well, real crazy stuff happening. I do not know what to think, really.
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    "He who knows nothing is closer the the truth than one whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors." --Unknown
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