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    I pulled the trigger on a "barbecue rig" for one of my 1911's today and ordered a matching belt, holster and mag carrier.[coo]
    Here's a pic of the holster, it's called Greg's Liberty ;
    The carving is called the "Maricopa Flower" pattern and the belt and mag carrier will all match.
    The mag carrier will also include a sheath for my favorite knife, a Case Trapper. The magazine will ride in the forward position with my knife in the rearward location
    Kinda like this;
    But with the knife on the right instead of the second mag.
    I really like the way she puts a dark background in to make the relief carving pop.[OO]

    I'm on the waiting list at Purdy Gear, the folks there do some beautiful work and currently have an eight month long backlog.[eek3] I had a chance to oogle some gear they made for a fellow who's local to me and I was very impressed with the quality.
    It'll be February before I can get my hands on it. hissyfit
    ...and when I do it'll like Christmas, my birfday and the Fourth of July rolled into one !biglaff

    Just nobody tell my wife. [tongue]
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    Sweet. Also elegant.
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    Very nice !!!!!!
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