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    All in all, a solid start to the season, marred by the disjointed storytelling of multiple flashbacks. The bullet points:
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Walk around your neighborhood and get to know the people next door; if you have a bugout location with some neighbors nearby, get to know them. A home security system can substitute for a perimeter guard in day-to-day situations, if you use it.
    • Be sure you are prepared for fire. Get some extra fire extinguishers and have the numbers for fire, police and EMS programmed into your cell phone or posted in your house so everyone can see them. Check your smoke detectors. Have an evacuation plan and a meeting place outside the home.
    • Leadership consists of a constant weighing of all the options and making the best choice that offers the best probability of a positive result for all involved.
    • Things will go wrong. Keep a level head, adapt, and overcome.
    For a complete spoiler-filled review of the episode, please go to my blog:

    The Couch Potato Prepper: Preparedness Review of The Walking Dead Episode 601: First Time Again
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    I'm a big time deadhead! Never miss an episode. Replace Z's with EBT recipients same scenario!
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    Agreed. Of particular interest isn't so much the Z's themselves, as the effect the situation has on the live characters. Interesting to note the attitudes of the Alexandria residents who live in their utopian world - not unlike most Americans today.
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    I think if they had minimized the whole flashback business this may have gone down as one of the best episodes of the series. As it is I give it 3.5/5 stars. A quick flashback to show all the events up until the herd was discovered could have sufficed.
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    Not exactly. EBTZs will be able to shoot at you.
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    I like Morgan's character because he is showing skills vs. shooting at everything. His mind went to h&!! and back and he came out centered. I actually have been thinking about the philosophy that he is portraying.
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    Not so much in a little while. Obama plans to take guns from all recipients of social aid, Starting with the old people on SS, figures he'd start there! No wonder he won't confront the terrorists, he's too busy picking on the elderly!!
    Obama admin looks to ban some Social Security recipients from owning guns | Fox News
    I think if the SHTF I would still want to help people, only from a great distance and very cautiously!
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    I don't think he has thought the "start with the old people on SS" deal all the way through. We're old, cranky, and don't much give a tinkers dam about PC bull crap. We're well aware that we have less to go than we've already been. I figure the list of job applicants for "federal gun collector" is going to be pretty short about the second month of that.
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    My review is up.

    The Couch Potato Prepper

    The high points:
    • Increase your physical fitness with regular exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercise.
    • Always understand when moving through broken terrain with speed comes the potential for injury. Invest in proper footwear and make sure you keep good walking shoes in the trunk of your car, just in case.
    • Invest in creating relationships with like-minded people and working together to solve common problems. One might focus on how to stay secure whether on the move or in a static position, so that your resources and your lives are safe.
    • People with critical skills are going to be incapacitated or be unavailable in a crisis, so cross-train and learn another person's job in the group.
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    My review of Episode 607 is up. Episode 608 will be up by the end of the week:

    The Couch Potato Prepper: Preparedness Review of The Walking Dead Episode 607: Heads Up

    Let's talk about the elephant in the room. I'm not talking about Glenn. Let's discuss how the Alexandrians have done nothing to clear their perimeter of obstructions like the church that falls on the fence and opens it up for the walkers. Once their perimeter was secure, they sat back, sent out scouting parties, and counted on everything going well. The committed the sin of assumption. They assumed everything was going to be okay, that the wall was all they needed, and did nothing else to improve their security situation. When Team Rick arrived, there were no guard towers, and without a clear perimeter no fields of fire. They were ripe for the picking. No wonder the Wolves had such an easy time making it inside.
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    That last one is huge IMO.
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    My review of Episode 609 is now posted. My synopsis:
    • Become a part of your community and get to know like-minded preppers. Look for people with valuable skills in a survival situation and cultivate your own skills so you can barter with them.
    • Husband resources. Treat every bullet, bean, and band-aid as your last.
    • Skills trump gear every time.
    • Develop or find someone who possesses mental health training to address the inevitable issues that will occur in a stressful crisis situation. If you are the mental health person, remember to take care of yourself.
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    My review of the Walking Dead is posted for Episode 610:

    • Take a look at toiletry or comfort items that would make life easier in a long term crisis. Record how much you use in a month and store an amount of these products that will last as least as long as your food storage.
    • Make sure you buy or store extra underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. These don't have to be designer labels. Check out thrift stores and consignment shops.
    • Make absolutely sure the food you have stored is in good condition, has not expired, and that you have stored and adequate amount. Calories equal survival in a crisis. Remember, the time to stock up on food is now, while you have the resources and time.
    • Don't leave hard assets vulnerable to theft or destruction. There may come a time when they cannot be replaced.
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    [QUOTE="kdalton, post: 411761, member: 7670"
    • ----------------- There may come a time when they cannot be replaced.
    Methinks it better to assume loss, either due to time or consumption (not considering theft.) Develop a plan and the skills to carry out a workaround (including for theft.)
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    None have taken me serious, but Ive been saying TWD is an excellent example of how a good, who knows what they are doing is far better than all these loners that will not even meet another like minded individual.


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