the whole bowl oF chili...

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    Stolen off an infowars comment:

    Blah, Blah, Blah…more of the same old same old…Barf, Belch, Yawn!
    Here’s some light relief for all you “procrastinating” Yanks:
    A cowboy walks into a seedy cafe. He sits at the counter and notices
    an old cowboy with his arms folded staring blankly at a full bowl of chili.
    After fifteen minutes of just sitting there staring at it, the young
    cowboy bravely asks the old cowpoke, ‘If you ain’t gonna eat that, mind
    if I do?’
    The older cowboy slowly turns his head toward the young
    wrangler and in his best cowboy manner says, ‘Nah, you go Ahead.’
    Eagerly, the young cowboy reaches over and slides the bowl over to his
    place and starts spooning it in with delight. He gets nearly down to
    the bottom and notices a dead mouse in the chilli. The sight was very
    shocking and he immediately barfs up the chili back into the bowl.
    The old cowboy quietly says, ‘Yep, that’s as far as I got, too.’
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