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    A man walked into a Dentist's office with one side of his face hugely swollen. The Dentist checked him over and announced that he had three badly decayed and infected teeth. They were so far gone that she had no choice but to pull them out.

    She explained this to her patient, and then asked him if he was allergic to any anesthetics.

    "Ah," he replied. "Don't bother with anesthetics. Just pull 'em."

    "Sir," the Dentist said, "We should really use some kind of anesthetic. If we don't the pain will be excruciating."

    "Nah," the man said. "I can handle it. I've already felt the two worst pains a person can feel, so just pull 'em."

    More than a little worried, the Dentist proceeded to pull all three infected teeth--and was astonished when her patient never even blinked at the pain.

    "See?" he said afterwards. "Once you've felt the two worst pains a person can feel, a few silly little infected teeth are no problem at all."

    Intrigued, the Dentist inquired: "What are the two worst pains that a person can feel?"

    "Well," said the man, "The second worst pain a person can feel is when they decide to relieve themselves in the woods, and squat right down on a big ole' bear trap, which immediately snaps shut right on their delicate danglies."

    The man shuddered at the memory.

    The Denrtist was appalled, but just had to ask:"Well, if that was the second worst pain, what was the worst?"

    The man looked at her with haunted eyes.

    "Well," he said, finally, "That one comes right after, when you run out of chain."
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