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Discussion in 'Politics' started by dystopia, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Does anybody else feel like the world has gone crazy. Sometimes i wish i had been born 200 years ago, maybe back then their was a clear cut this is right and this is wrong code. My very being tells me that the lack of morals, the lack of honor, that is so predominant in our country is rapidly destroying us. I truly love our country, when i took the oath of service i meant what i said every time.
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    God Bless you; We all have our eyes wide open during these times and events. None of us know what is really coming down the pipes, only that it has been flushed. If our troops really took their oath seriously, they would be surrounding Washington, D.C. and demanding our elected officials stand-down or face destruction.
    What we do know is that we have a deep and abiding love of life and freedom and are doing everything within our limited abilities, to prepare for sustaining our families until we can make a new beginning. We are telling ourselves that we will not surrender to hopelessness or helplessness. Yes, some of us are angry at the abuse of our Republic, but anger can so much better be put to use in preparing ourselves to survive without the social tit to feed us, house us, and leave us stored like firewood in a commune or be sent into battle to gain whatever market share of oil, industry, or mineral assets and do our duty to preserve our freedom by insuring Halliburton has airports, warehouses, and hospitals to build so that our economy functions....I think "Walden's Pond" and loose myself and prepare for the worst, ergo, if something really does hit the fan, I plan to deal with it or escape.
    Some of us have found encouragement and ideas here, to help them get started with the mindset required to plan ahead. I hope you are able to make wise decisions based on common sense and take whatever measures it takes to live in the pursuit of happiness, Liberty, and Life.
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    It's posts like this that give me hope all is not lost.
    I THANK you guys for saying what so many of us are thinking.
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    Yep, we have Terrorists in Congress and the Whitehouse. If we are serious about The War On Terror, we need to look closer to home, and get our folks out of The Sandbox. Plenty targets in DC to go after.
    Problem is, the 'legal system' that would judge them are also complicit in their crimes. The Justice Department is owned by bobo&co. No help there.

    These Criminals in Armani Coats seem to be driving We The People towards open rebellion. One day, they'll get it. I'd hate to see it, but DC and Capitol Hill sorely need a good flushing - that cess pool failed long ago......
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    What dis-heartens me in all of this, is, I have 2 kids who are planning to goto college and join the military in the next year or two, and I have raised them with thier eyes open.. What do they have to look forward to?

    My daughter is in gifted classes and often tells me stories of her having to correct/question teachers on inaccurate liberally slanted information that they are spewing in the classroom..

    90% of her classmates in gifted agree that people should pay more taxes, to help the poor..

    And this is the direction of our "best and brightest".. Once they do get out into the world, and see all of the taxes that they have to pay, they will prolly give up and just join the tax recievers, cuz there will be no incentive to acheive anything..

    I think we, who are in positions available to prepare for this storm, are the lucky ones.. There are few children nowadays who's eyes are open, let alone the ones who are already born into the entitlement mentality on the program..

    Even if my children make it to thier aspirations of employment, the regulations and laws and taxes and liberal attitude will beat them down..

    I assume this is the plan, by the elites.. To make it sooooo friggin difficult for anyone outside of thier circle to amount to anything of significance, unless that person buys into thier thought processes.. Its a friggin travesty in my opinion. No more american dreams for us, just work slaves, so you can pay for our blunders..

    Point in case.. raising the debt ceiling, gets signed, so-called conservatives are hailing it a win..

    DEBT IS 100% OF GDP..

    W.. T.. F..
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