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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dystopia, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I assume we all have peculiaritys, quirks and so forth, but am i alone when it appears that a larger and larger segment of our population is starting to lose it. I am not talking about gov'ts, those psychopaths are in a class all by themselves, i'm talking about the general population and the increasing news stories about average people doing nutty things!
  2. STANGF150

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    Yer Average People aka: Sheeple are already NUTS!!!
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  3. dystopia

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    It makes me wonder, and i include myself, how people are going to act when their stress levels are elevated to points never experienced.
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    Oh their stress levels won't elevate. They will just simply crack the hell up. Where they gonna git their Starbucks!!!! But Kim Kardasian & Snooki were Gonna Do a Special Fashion Show!!! They'll Just Die If They Can't Watch It!!!!

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    Yes, the American prince and princesses will be hardest hit while Mr. and Ms. Bubba will have the best chance of surviving. A Nazi concentration camp survivor my mother knew said the poor had a better chance of survival then the rich since the poor knew what it was like to be hungry and go without.
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    The poor will not necessarily inherit the earth.

    It is a comforting thought that the poor will survive, and the rich will die; but if you're using the concentration camp analogy, it is a false one. The fact is, that Millions died in the Holocaust....both rich and poor: The German SS ensured it, as a matter of policy. Those who tended to survive the longest, were those who were most adaptable and those who were fortunate enough, or who had enough chutzspah or sheer luck to have skills or abilities that were valued enough by the Germans to merit slightly better treatment or rations. Often the rich survived, because they had experience of playing the system, and were unconscionable enough to bribe corrupt guards or corrupt prisoner camp officials to become Kapos or Block leaders with better food and conditions and the chance to extort their fellow prisoners for their personal advantage.

    Survivors in a modern holocaust will be a mixture of rich and poor. THose who have power and privelege, usually have the smarts to keep what they have, even if it is at the expense of their fellow citizenry....after all, often that is how they got the power and privelege in the first place (THose who have inherited power and privelege may be in a slightly different boat) YMMV
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    Went to work yesterday, one suicide in the county in progress over shortly after with stated result. With three other suicide threats calls, all within a couple of hours. This is in a county of 70000. Three homicides in county so far this year. Yup the sheep a nervous, the marginal people go first.
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  8. dystopia

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    My county usually has average 30 suicides per year. They've had 10 this month {march} already. The weather has been good and theirs good energy jobs to be had so how do you explain it?
  9. STANGF150

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    A dollar don't buy as much weed, meth, & crack as it used to?
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    Yup, suicides are definitely on the upswing...murders (so far) haven't tracked along with them, at least not here.

    Big trick is to be out of their area when they self-destruct.
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