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    I have been on this and several other boards for quite awhile now, and also watch several different news agencies, including some that are off the books so to speak. I have come to a conclusion that there is much more bad news then anyone nation should or could stand.

    I have read reports the the economy is going to crash, of which the ones trying to sell me gold or silver, I usually discount right away. Fear Tactic at best in my eyes.

    Then, I see where some experts believe that massive sunspots will take down the grid around the end of this year, including Nasa and several other places .

    Then, there is the threat of www111 which is always a likelihood, given the current state of affairs.

    Lets not forget polar shift, global warming, O Great one turning into a dictator, and the hidden planet Nibiru that is supposed to come and hit us from behind the sun, oh, and lest we forget new ice age and pandemic

    I know from reading hundreds of responses to some of these that most people are in a panic mode. How bout' we take a deep breath and try and analyze each and every one of these "threats" to our society on a first come basis.

    How many of you out there really think one or more of these events will actually transpire in the near future ? Which one and please name your reasons for believing yours to be truest to point.

    So, to sum it up, how about putting on our thinking caps and lets get this out in the open a little more. Have a great weekend
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    Thinking about things I can NOT effect, does me "No Good" and is a WASTE of my Time, and Energy. Not that I don't waste much of it already. I stay better GROUNDED in Reality, if I do NOT spend my time dealing with such stuff. YMMV....
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    Civil unrest / hyperinflation:

    If the Kenyan gets re-elected, he will do things without worrying about getting re-elected (high taxes on most everyone, ammo/brass/powder; executive orders).

    Our debt will continue to increase; quantitative easing will happen; creditors will not accept this. Services might have to be cut here and there. Much higher unemployment due to higher business taxes.

    There are many things to throw in here--but, I consider something bad happening along these lines eminent if he's re-elected.
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    If you're talking about manmade disasters,I consider economic collapse or WWIII very likely..if you're talking about nature,then all bets are off,anything's possible.I don't have a lot of time to worry about anything,I just keep plugging along with what prepping I can do.Que sera sera..
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    If we add food and power shortages we have the State of the Union.
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    You didn't mention the most obvious eventuality...the Zombie Apocalypse. Don't get bit.

    Seriously, either hyperinflation will be used to devalue the debt or it will be repudiated. Either way the USA is going to screw China. The Islamists will continue to consolidate the Middle East. Once both of those are accomplished (10 years or so) we will have an ICBM and man-pack nuclear shooting war with the Islamists facilitated by China.
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  9. Well, disaster by nature I personally have a fear of polar shift by desalination of the oceans followed by an ice age, but there is no surety on it happening any time soon, the other natural disasters you mention are also possible but also fall under the "unsure if or when" bracket. The flu H5N2 or H5N3 however is a surety, it will happen, most knowledgable people expect it this year but if not to happen within the next 3 years. This will be a horrible scenario much worse than 1918 (we can talk more about it later) and most western nation are holding meetings to create a flu pandemic network to help them deal with the terror ahead.

    However, the most likely scenario is the economical collapse, because it can happen on its own (heading that way now) or as a result of any of the previously mentioned scenarios
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    I'm with BT.

    I can't stop :

    A solar flare but i can try to make my life a little more less dependent on electricity

    I can't stop WWIII but i can protect my home. and with some help the neighborhood, with even more help my county, with a lot of help my region of the state.

    I can't stop Hyperinflation. But i can try to diversify my 'Money' to include PMs, Other Fiat Currencies, Barter goods, Grow my own food, raise livestock, use my bike or feet instead of gas, barter with neighbors, capture water and purify it.

    I can't prevent civil unrest (see WWIII above because if it's in your neighborhood it's gonna seem like ww3) but I can help it avoid my location with a little persuasion.

    I surely can't prevent a polar shift and who the hell knows what would happen for sure. I'm not doing anything to mitigate that event.

    as for zombies? LMAO, your kidding me? Have you ever seen a zombie? If i see a zombie, i'm gonna get out my camera and start taking pictures for the national enquirer.

    I can't prevent Al Queda or other terrorists groups from wanting to attack me and my heritage pig farm. Well, maybe if i put a stick of dynamite up in the pig and send her off as a battle pig, maybe the idea of touching pork would send them away. Otherwise, I'm not worried. I don't fly and it's not because of plots to blow up planes, it's because of our domestic terrorists (TSA, DHS and other alphabet groups) violating civil rights of the sheeple. Not I, aint no way I'm getting scanned nor freedom patted w/o a blue shirt getting a busted jaw. So I'll drive or if it's a really long way, have my buddy fly me in his personal plane.

    And finally a great big giant space rock. I've already got that covered. If it is immenent I've got a fifth of Drambuie, some old cigars from some wedding i attended along time ago and a couple of lawn chairs for me and the missus to enjoy watching the rock getting bigger and bigger after our end of the world romp in the hay.

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