There is 21 acres of land in TN that people can use.

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    There is 21 acres of land in TN that people can use.

    the purpose of the land is to provide individuals and organizations with space, resources, education and community support. allowing them to do more with less. as are community grows we are continuously looking to take it to the next level. we are hosting a event in April where volunteers will gather at the land and help continue to build out its infrastructure. most of are building supplies are recycled or donated and we will continue to collect throughout the winter in preparation for the event. Through this project like minded individuals can come together to form and utilize open land projects throughout the us creating a communally sufficient network That any one who wants to can be a part of. On the land there is a 9 acre field two creeks a pond a spring box and a well …there is no house but lots of good camping and anyone’s welcome to build a dwelling…I would like to see this land turn into a community of people that not only helps each other but others to and a place where travelers can go for rest, resources and learning or a home base if they need one. I want to grow enough food to eat, sell, and give to disaster relief and gatherings…..we have big plans to do awesome things and even though we have already accomplished a lot we have a lot more to do. What we need is building materials so we can finish the barn, build more shelter for travelers, a office, library and other things . Homesteading supplies to help us live off the grid. and a tractor so we can grow so much more food…..we really want a tractor!!. Money……ya we need money and people that want to work on projects. especially next spring. There is so much we can do if we work together. Come on out, this is a big project and we need all the help we can get…….. if you do come out you should be willing to make conscious effort to get along with others and be respectful. this is not land that people can do any thing they want its a consensus run family friendly project land.
    just Google{ shut up and grow it} or look us up on facebook
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    Good luck with your project!!
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    Looks like a great adventure!
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    Interesting project. I may have to take a weekend and stop by. I'm on the west side of TN.
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    A few questions :
    Do you actually own this land ? Is there a lien holder or is there a trust set up with all members listed as trustees ?

    You say; "anyone’s welcome to build a dwelling...". Will you sell small lots to those interested in building a home there ?
    Lease a lot for same ? What's the zoning like there ?

    You say; "this is not land that people can do any thing they want". Ok, your place, you're rules. Do you have anything thought out and have you put pen to paper as to what people can and can not do ?

    I see lots of garden space but no livestock. Are you all Vegans ?

    How do you feel about firearms ? For hunting ? For personal defense ?

    That's just a few of the questions off the top of my head. Not trying to rain on your parade but is sounds like things haven't been thought out all that much.

    Best wishes to you and everyone living there though. [coo]
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    Bud is setting up a site where @ one acre lots are leased for garden/animal/semi permanent dwellings. Range and community garden is going in shortly. Grid electricity will be "available" as well as county water. Much preferring solar and use of the springs on site. Hopefully this is going to be a true community of preppers.
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    i own the land, it will be payed off in 4 years and then we will put it in trust or 501c3.
    i will not sell any of the land. i think its zoned as agriculture.
    the land is run by consensus
    we are not all Vegans
    firearms can be ok deepens on the person who has them.
    and we are figuring a lot of things out as we go that's part of running on consensus.
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    You might want to check out some of the podcasts from "the survival podcast". Jack was looking to do something like this and it turned into a bureaucratic nightmare of government regulations, tax regulations, zoning, etc. I can't remember exactly which ones talked about it in, but there were several. Even trying to do this "under the radar" of the government may land you in trouble big time if only one person gets in a tizzy and reports you, you may lose everything.

    @fizz as far as hunting on 21 acres, that's not a lot of land to do firearms hunting. I own 22 acres near Sardis, TN, mostly wooded. By the time you carve out an area for people to camp/live on will you have enough of an area for hunting?

    How are you handling the septic/sewer system?
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    im not worried we have been there for 5 years and are community likes us {small town}
    there are lots of woods all around us no one really hunts on the property.
    we have a out house.
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