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  1. hedger

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    I have been thinking about different products and every once in a while, I wonder why someone does not innovate and create my version of a better mousetrap.

    If you have one of those "There ought to be ___________, please share it and let's see if someone can't possibly cobble one together that makes sense.

    I'll start this off by stating that I am very partial to crank flashlights.

    Headlamps are great because they leave your hands free to do whatever chore is at hand. Seems to me there ought to be a way to create some kind of crank mechanism to charge a headlamp, too. But when I envision a crank on the side of my head, that just gets way too silly way too fast.

    Perhaps some engineer/tinkerers have a better way to get closer to the kind of solution for a headlamp?
  2. beast

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    why not air pumps in your shoes that work on your weight stepping on them
    they force the magnet up thru the stator where a valve opens and lets
    the magnet fall back for the next step
    or why not the gyro type thing that winds up the wrist watches that dont need winding
    or why not small solar panels on your hat like the solar walkway lights have
    mount them on the hat brim
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  3. snowbyrd

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    Wind power, a propeller on your beanie, had one once, coolest hat.
    A crank that plugs in to charge the battery. Two parts then. Solar, but then you have to wear it in the day time. UH, that has happened to me many a morning, forgot to take it off when it got light and I went into town, wierd look and only my friends said anything to me. Usually hours later.....
  4. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    lol, i made a beanie in highschool, it spun on its own in the wind, never thought of hookin up a charger to it
    woulda prolly fried any batteries back then, i ran everyplace i went
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