There's only 1 interpretation of Islam — Muhammad's

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Mindgrinder, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Turbo babe not a fan of Islam

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    Clearly she is on a hit list.
    Free speech particularity from a WOMEN is not a part of islam.
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    She's on a hit list just by being dressed like that - in Western clothing, and with (Allah forbid!) no head or face covering.
    Worse - it looks like she's wearing (gasp) makeup!
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    That young lady has the biggest set of solid gold balls I have ever seen and is probably dead by now. How dare you say the king has no clothes! Behead her now!
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    1. Life under the ISIS caliphate
      Up to 8 million people in Syria and northern Iraq are living under the brutal rule of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Here's everything you need to know:

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    Top IS leaders 'take refuge' in Libya
    Several senior commanders from the group Islamic State have moved to Libya from Iraq and Syria in recent months, a top Libyan intelligence official has told BBC Newsnight.
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    Looking back to 2012...

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