Thermo fuel cells and there life span

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    does anyone know about the Thermocell cell power units and how long does the socalled fuel for the power cell be stored and how long does it last for cold weather where about four months out of the year because of snow and bad weather storms you can not use solar for basic power production at the homestead ..

    the unit i saw is the size of a oversized cooler with a stand unit to hold the two fuel cartigdes in so many liters sized ..

    the max size unit look like a 5 gallon gas can and the other size look like a old fashion squared gas can ..the max sized unit comes in 28.lts and then it a 5 and 10 litter sized units ..
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    Link please. Need to know what the fuel is before guessing at shelf life.
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    here is some pictures of the unit and i get a link of the website here in a bit ..i'm at work and wondering about them .
    P%20017. P%20034. P%20077. ProStorm_VSM. SiriusPower_Sm_Encl. SiriusPower_Sm_Encl2. SiriusPower_Sm_Encl_Inside. M10_Cartridge. Tankpatrone_3.
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