Thermoelectric fan on top of stove

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by brotherpoop, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Generates it's own electricity from the heat off stoves. Operates best between 500-700 degrees F I guess. Forces hot air to floor and helps evenly distribute the overall air temp in tent whatever.

    I saw one for 75% off and jumped on it. Can't give you a report yet but I will. Plan on using it in a ice fishing house and over wood burning stove in a small cabin that has no insulation.


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  3. brotherpoop

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    Spent a week using the fan in a rat shack in northern Minnesota with lows ranging from -14 to -18 and I was very suprised how well this thing works. The shack has no insulation and a tin roof. I have in the past woken up in the bunk room reading -4 and with the fan I was finding the temp averaged around +45.

    This thing really works. The only neg I found was drying things out above the stove was not as fast for obvious reasons...the heat was being evenly distributed throughout the shack.

    YouTube- Thermoelectric fan
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    Yes, they work very well. Now imagine of you could get your hands on some insulation and some heat bricks for around the fireplace...

    Total comfort.
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    have one and it works very well.
    I got it off of ebay.
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