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    Report: Mystery monkey spotted in Tampa neighborhood

    Monkey believed to be breaking into cars, neighbors say

    APOLLO BEACH, Fla. -

    Authorities are reportedly searching for a monkey believed to be breaking into cars in an Apollo Beach neighborhood. reports a rhesus macaque has been spotted wandering the Mirabay neighborhood and is believed to be breaking into cars and throwing things inside around, but not taking anything.

    No injuries have been reported since the primate has been on the loose, but neighbors said they want it captured safely and moved elsewhere.
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    We have a girl friend in the town of Palm Coast, Florida a Dr. Natalya V. One of her patients came in to her office a few months ago. the patient grew citrus. Don't know what kind but probably Oranges. The patient was complaining that once or twice a month some thieves were eating their fruit. not only that but the thieves were very wasteful. most of the fruit had only one or two bites taken from each one and then discarded around the property. they called the county sheriff and he came out to talk to them saying there is now a large population of monkeys that are living and reproducing in the wilds of eastern Florida. She didn't know what kind they are.
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    So, What is the Bag Limit on Monkeys, in Florida, these days..... Old @tacmotusn , could clean up, as a Professional Monkey Hunter......
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    Sorry, I kind of like most monkeys. Hogs now are a different story. I am a hog hunting fool when I have time. Hogs are predictable and that makes them easy pickings for those in the know. You don't need dogs either. I figure post shtf I can be a bacon, ham, pork, and sausage seller.
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    Around here hog hunting has gone big business for the city types. 12,000 for the 4wheeler,50,000 for the PU and trailer to haul it,another 5 grand for firearms,gear, and cool sunglasses. And of course the kill is left for the land owner to dispose of. Should also mention the 2-5 grand per gun for the deer lease they're on.
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    Bacon, on the hoof.
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    Someone mentioned wild boar hunting here in NC. I understand they're a nuisance so the season is 24/7/365. And in NC we can hunt with .223 or 5.56 so I could use...something in that caliber for more than a paper punch.
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    Pig hunts are big in Hawaii.. Watched their hunting shows over there.. All hogs! But they didn't know the difference between a peacock and a pheasant..
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