They are watching you.

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    Yesterday my friend and I were texting about last weekend and why he didn't hear much from me.
    So I explained how I was fixing the bath tub that we don't use in my house because doesn't drain well and how I had to crawl up under the house l, cut out pipes and that I had found a really old red or pink rag that had been down there long before we moved in had clogged drain in 3 different places. Clog number 1, the trap was packed full of dirt, from the rag slowing down flow so much the dirt couldn't clear the trap. Dirt would blow in throught the shitty old window and collect in the tub, then get washed down. Clog number 2, piece of rag was stopping up water flow at the vent tee joint. Clog number 3 was where the 2 inch pipe goes into the 4 inch main sewer line and told him how I used my pressure washer to blow the last clog down the line.

    I didn't have to search for anything on YouTube is didn't have to buy anything over the internet I just went down there with a saws all and got it done. It's residential plumbing, hot on the left cold on the right and shit flows down hill, so it's not that fucking complicated. The deed had been done for 2 or 3 days. No plumber ads.

    Almost immediately after our text conversation every site I visited had adds for plumbers, mostly rotor rooter.
    But I never searched for a plumber, how to do it or anything. So apparently they screen your text for key words and use that data to try and sell you shit.

    Rotor rooter rant:
    First of all fuck rotor rooter. I called them once for a quote on replacing 40ft of water main that was 2 to 3 feet under ground back in 2008. Told them i would pay cash and they still wanted $3,600 which was $2,700 more than I had. Never do that again. Since all I had to do was dig a hole and lay some pipe that's what I did. Cost me less than $300 to diy and it worked, thats when i discovered apparently I'm in the wrong line of work.
    I expected the bill to be around $1,000 that seemed like an honest and fair single, one time ass rape. Not 3,600!?
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    That can be played 2 ways, feed them BS and let them waste energy sorting it all out.

    By the way - good going on the DIY plumbing project. I always try and do anything myself rather than pay a pro who is an expert on cleaning out other's wallets.
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    Good job. Sometimes, getting to the problem in the plumbing is just getting to the problem. HVAC guys make big bucks to. There's a big mark up on HVAC units and I think they even get rebates from the manufacturer. Glad to hear you saved some money.
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    Oh how we used to talk at work about being on the IPad looking at something and then ads for it coming up on the work computers. Connected in absolutely no way yet they knew it was me in both places.
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    I looked into doing hvac after I got out of active duty. The main hvac guys around here pay like $10 to $12 an hour starting then I hear they will find some excuse to fire you before you can start making too much.

    After the repairs and new construction I have seen done by contractors I don't trust them.
    Some of the half ass repairs I have seen are just scary.

    In 2012 there was a law suit involving a woman who was closeted gay and was outed by all the gay cruiseship ads coming up on her work computer from searches she did on her home computer and mobile phone. And she won.
    So they are watching.
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Add on Add blockers to the MAX , FB & All the rest.
    If I go to site that bitches , I send a X & leave , Many more have the same BS Story !!
    Take back your power has all of this info !!
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    You really do have to restrict app access on your phone ipad etc

    It takes some work and you are never 100% successful

    Or you can do like one guy told me and run multiple inquiries so you look scitzo or multi family. ... lol
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    Fix tools and interact a lot with the tradesmen. The present system is designed to destroy the honest man who is working alone and wants to do a decent job as an electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc. First he has to be licensed by the state in most states and be certified in his field. That usually takes at least 5 years of working at low wages as a journeyman or apprentice, attending some sort of professional classes and passing some sort of tests, and the state usually requires that the person running the business or crew have an advanced license, master plumber etc, and while it takes 5 to 10 years to reach that stage, if you are doing a job as the boss or owner tells you and the state in its wisdom decides you broke some rule, you and not the company, lose the certification and you no longer have a profession. That tends to create a real CYA at all times attitude. Second he has to have all the proper tools, spare parts, vehicles, ladders, safety equipment, and have it with him. In semi rural New Hampshire, eg my house, if he needs a 99 cent fitting, it will take an hour for him or his help to get it from the nearest source if it isn't in his truck. Just to keep it interesting, OHSHA may inspect him at any time and fine him $500 for a drill with a piece of tape on a worn cord, or $50,000 if some worker falls off a step ladder and gets hurt, or if a larger company $250,000 if an employee walks off a flat roof. These numbers are based on actual cases I have seen in last year and not a BS excuse for the trade. Third he has to have ever da** insurance in the world, workman's comp if he hires anyone or a private insurance to cover himself if he doesn't, insurance on his truck, and since it is a business, it costs a lot of money, crookedlawyers love to sue anyone with a business, that's where the money is, ditto on insurance to cover his work. If a plumber screws up the gas fitting or routes the line and it is damaged and your house burns down - blows up, etc. He had better be covered as your home owners policy sure won't cover it. He has to pay unemployment insurance for his helper and in most states now is stuck in some form of health insurance for himself and his employee. The work in a trade often requires 2 people to do the job safely and quickly and that means that he will have to pay all those costs even if the employee isn't working, and often even the wages. Cheaper and better to pay a good man for an "off" day, than to either lose him or pay increased unemployment insurance. Fourth he has to meet all the BS codes, pick up the required permits and forms, fill them out and in most cases either certify the plans or hire an engineer to certify them, pay to submit them, wait for them to be approved, get them, post them at the site, call and have the inspector come out and inspect the work, and sign off on it. This may add $1,000 to the cost of installing 30 feet of gas line to a new water heater and make it cost $2,200 to install a new water heater in a rental mobile home. This is based on personal experience in last year. Fifth if he doesn't belong to some nationwide marketing group, RR etc, he will spend a lot of money on advertising until the business is established, and if he does belong to a group or franchise, they take some significant percent off the top.
    After all is said in done, if you are into prepping in any serious way, you will have to do as much of it as you can by yourself or with the aid of "friends", never hire someone to do it as that opens up the whole can of worms above as now you are the "contractor" in the eyes of the law and are responsible for everything, including hiring the qualified people to fill out the forms etc. So far you can sail under the view of the system here, but not in Mass which is 10 miles away. Everyone in the system is of course trying to preserve his empire and will do everything he can to preserve and expand it and the system has installed "gate keepers" that enforce the rules in strange ways. I bought a rental property, 7 acres, with well, septic, double wide 15 year old mobile home, etc that had a mortgage on it for $160,000 and had been sold a few years earlier for $195,000. I took most of my retirement money and bought it for $72,000 cash. The unit was not parked on a slab, legal when sold, not now under HUD rules, so no one could get a mortgage on it for even $100. The out buildings, septic, wiring etc you install could come under the same rules. Not even limited to the state anymore, HUD controls mortgages, OHSHA controls working conditions, EPA controls pollution, ACE controls water flow and such, and breaking "their" rules, even if legal at your site, will be punished to the full extent of the law in their courts.

    Seems to me that at this point we have 3 choices. First, do as much as you can on your own with friends, I fix their tools, they help roof on Sat. and we interact as little as possible with the system but do get as few permits as possible and try to get along with inspectors. A $15,000 roofing job is now $4,500, but if someone gets hurt you could lose it all, and you have to have cash. Second is to go with the system all the way, make a phone call to the bank, get a loan, hire a roofing company, they arrive one morning, and it is done and you write them a check for $15,000. Third, do it totally on your own, no help, no permits, no inspections, no records available if you wish to sell it, no engineering to cover you if problems occur, all out under cover. Job can now be done for less than $2,000, but in some states you may not be able to legally sell your building as having any value.

    If you are prepping the above issues are one of the most critical ones you will ever face and some of the biggest decisions you will ever make. As simple a thing as adding wood heat for actual use, if allowed at all in your region by the EPA, if chimney isn't done to code, inspected, stove isn't certified, wall and floor don't meet codes, insurance agent doesn't have photos and copies of documents, your home owners policy will not cover any damage caused by a fire and the fire department can if it wishes come out and make you remove the stove in order to protect you from your follies. That's in the Live Free or Die state, not the peoples republic of Mass.
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    Live in slavery and die in the enlightened Northeast, or move down South into a rural area where a load of buckshot awaits anybody nosing around on your property.
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    Being a Yankee carpet bagger, they would pry the shotgun from my cold dead hands and either have a raffle for my preps, or distribute them. There may be troubling times in our future that lead to being an outsider to kind of over rule any legal claims you have to preps, land, or even life. Stationed in Fla, lived in Texas and New Mexico, raised in rural Minn and all those areas seem to have at times a clan spirit that makes a street gang look like a bunch of amateur's. Just saying, YOMV, but I do not intend to arrive in the hills of Tenn as a refugee with the clothes on my back, nor at 78, have any hope of establishing myself as a member of the community before there is such an event.
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    WOW , Yur in a Hell of Over Bearing !!

    Time to KICK them .GOV suckers back to the curb & see if they can hold a real JOB !!
    They have the PAID .GOV MAFIA /COPS behind them !!
    Were fvcked , seeen it & im am kiddless , but your kids will be slaves , I'm half there with all the BS taxes !!
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    Thanks for the reminder! During the past several days I've written two or three politically orientated posts. Yesterday I noticed that Google was responding particularly slow for the very fast computer and high speed internet connection that I use. Then I realized that it was — oddly — only Google that was running slow. (I think because, 'they' were reading everything that I entered!)

    Ya got 'a be careful what you put up on the net. In the name of, 'this security agency' or 'that surveillance program' everything every single person does is being rigorously monitored and scrutinized. In fact, yesterday, when I crossed the state line and paid a toll, at least two cameras (one of them infrared) took pictures of both me, and the vehicle's license plate! What, the hell, for?

    I don't feel THAT unsafe; and besides, here, in Pennsylvania the state government allows those of us who behave well to carry handguns for self-defense. I don't feel that I need this sort of extraordinary government protection; like I said: What, the hell, for?

    A protection that has now been extended to include numerous additional cameras at EVERY SINGLE ONE of the state's many principal roadways and intersections! Again what for? If the government is that worried about how people behave then, 'they' should just put The Bible back into the public education system and start teaching biblical morality, again, in the exact same way that my own generation, my parents' and my grandparents' generations were publicly taught and instructed for BOTH their own, and everybody else's societal wellbeing.

    (We, all, knew the Ten Commandments, Christ's two Great Commandments, and we behaved well; nor did we have any of today's: immoral, wanton, and godless social problems! Our first safeguard was our social Judeo-Christian morality, NOT tens of hundreds of thousands of high tech police cameras.)
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  13. oil pan 4

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    All this crime and need for security cameras is due to the blue areas of the map.

    Oh and I'm suddenly not getting any more ads for plumbers.
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    It doesn't take the gummint or the ruskies to spy on you. Every time I get a hundred dollars ahead something worth exactly that breaks. Case in point - just got a few bucks in my discretionary fund for something I want. IMMEDIATELY my car battery dies, and back to zero I go.
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